| 26. August 2020

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain Patch Breakdown

There’s a brand-new Legends of Runeterra expansion coming out today called Call of the Mountain and, naturally, there’s quite a lot to break down. So what’s new? In short, we’re talking 89 cards and a whopping seven champions. That’s quite an impressive number, all things considered. Targon is the latest region that’ll become available once the expansion hits live servers. Call of the Mountain, however, is just the first set (out of three planned), with the final one being scheduled for release in December.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s begin!


Out of the seven new champions, four of them hail from Targon.

The last three, however, come from entirely different regions.


New champions are only one half of the equation. Riot has released multiple exciting keywords that will surely change the meta game big time.

  • Daybreak — This passive activates if the card that carries it is the first one you play in the round.
  • Invoke — Three Celestial cards show up and you get to pick one and put it in your hand.
  • Fury — Whenever a unit with Fury kills another, it’ll gain +1 | +1.
  • Behold — This passive activates if you have a certain type of card in play or in your hand.
  • Nightfall — This passive activates if the card that carries it isn’t the first one you play in the round. Basically the opposite of Daybreak.
  • SpellShield — A unit will SpellShield negates a spell or enemy skill that would target it.
General Changes

A couple of existing cards have been adjusted, including Fury of the North (will now provide +3 | +4 instead of +4 | +4), Trifarian Assessor (mana cost up from four to five), Zaunite Urchin and Sump Dredger (changed card text, easier to activate).

Cosmetic Goodies

As expected, Riot went all-out when it comes to cosmetic items as well. A brand-new game board called Celestial Summit (990 coins), Cosmo guardian (590 coins), four exquisite new emotes, and Sunrise and Moonfall card backs (490 coins apiece) will all be available to purchase in mere hours!

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Moutain Emotes

You’ll also be able to purchase a Targon deck bundle for 2016 coins. Just have in mind that it’ll only contain Aurelion Sol and Leona, along with a few Daybreak and Invoke cards. If, on the other hand, you’re not quite sure which champion and/or playstyle you gravitate towards the most, you’ll be able to experiment with six pre-built Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain-related decks in the Discover Targon Lab. Certainly a nice way for players to test things out before making the plunge!

Closing Remarks

There’s a ton of new content and it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come! Keep an eye on Mobalytics, Decks of Runeterra, RuneterraFire, and any other LoR-related website that’s bound to explode with content over the coming days. The meta as we know it will surely shift in an entirely new direction, so make sure to stay ahead of the curve!

If you want to go over the patch in an even more detailed manner, make sure to check out Riot’s official website.