| 23. August 2020

New Keyword Invoke Announced in Legends of Runeterra

Another day, and another exciting new keyword in Legends of Runeterra — Invoke! This one is directly tied to the upcoming release of what most fans believe to be Aurelion Sol. A lot of information has been datamined months ago and we know that Riot plans on releasing both the celestial “Star Forger” but also Zoe. As things stand, all signs are pointing towards Aurelion being the one, although it’s still a bit too early to know for sure. Soraka is also a possibility, but the odds are somewhat low.

This time around, Riot has something special in store, and they’re only giving us a small preview, at least for the time being. So how does this new keyword Invoke work? Once activated, you get to pick a Celestial card (among three such offered) and create it in hand. The catch here is that we haven’t been shown any Celestial cards whatsoever. We did, however, get a glimpse at a few Invoke-related cards, so let’s dive deeper!

Legends of Runeterra Invoke Set
  • Mountain Scryer is a four mana unit with 2 | 3 and a passive that makes your Celestial cards cost 1 less mana. Not exactly a cheap unit or a particularly strong one, but his passive will surely be insanely impactful given the right circumstances.
  • Spacey Sketcher is a one mana unit with 1 | 1 with a Play effect. When you summon her, you can discard a card to Invoke a Celestial card that costs three mana or less. Obviously, she’s a weaker unit but her role isn’t to skirmish but rather to speed things up.
  • Lunari Priestes is a three mana unit with 2 | 1 and a Nightfall passive that’ll activate Invoke. As we covered earlier, you can activate her passive only when she’s not the first card you play in a round.
  • Solari Priestess is a three mana 1 | 2 unit with a Daybreak passive. Once activated, you can Invoke a Celestial card that costs 4, 5, or 6 mana.
  • Moondreamer is a five mana unit with 3 | 5 and a Play passive that’ll automatically trigger Invoke.
  • Behold the Infinite is a two mana Burst spell that activates Invoke.
Closing Remarks

Overall, these cards raise more questions than they do answers. They’re often expensive, but they also carry a ton of potential. We still need to see these Celestial cards to be able to judge whether they’re viable or not. Still, but the looks of it, they’re probably going to be insanely strong. Riot is setting the stage for an immensely impactful release tomorrow, and we cannot wait to see it happen.

To make matters even more interesting, all of these cards synergize perfectly with recently announced keywords, meaning players will have a field day when the Call of the Mountain expansion is finally released (August 26th). How the meta will look like in a couple of days’ time is anyone’s guess, but it’s hard not to be excited!


Well, that didn’t take long. Mere hours have passed and yet we already have an in-depth look at the entire Celestial set of cards. Or, at least a good chunk of them. It stands to reason that Riot will announce a few more tomorrow night, but that still remains to be seen.

These cards have been unveiled across multiple streams and not all of them are in English, so bare with us.

  • Snake (or Dragon, depending on how you translate it) is a zero mana unit with 2 | 1 and Challenger. Quite a strong summon that’ll allow you to buy a bit of time early on if you manage to Invoke it.
  • Equinox is a one mana Slow spell that can Silence a target. Quite a potent spell, all things considered. The fact that it’s Slow does make it somewhat balanced, but barely so.
  • The Charger is a one mana unit with 4 | 1 and Overwhelm. This is where things get a lot more interesting. It doesn’t have a lot of health, but with four attack points it’ll certainly come in handy, especially early on.
  • Moonglow is a two mana Slow spell that grants an ally +0 | +2 and SpellShield. This card will be absolutely huge because of its permanent bonuses. It’s also bafflingly cheap. Using it on your strongest units is a no-brainer.
  • The Messenger is a two mana unit with 2 | 2 and a passive that’ll allow you to draw an additional card.
  • Crescent Strike is a three mana Slow spell that can stun two enemy targets. Quite a strong card that’ll allow you to stall things out before getting all the cards you need en route to a dominant finish.
  • Moon Glow is a Burst card that can reduce the cost of a spell in your hand by 1 mana.
  • The Trickster is a three mana unit with 3 | 3 and Evasion. Yet another strong card with stalling potential. It’s also perhaps a bit too strong, given how much utility (and strength) it brings to the table for just three mana crystals.

Overall, these cards carry quite a lot of potential and we cannot wait to see them in action!