| 25. August 2020

Final Legends of Runeterra Expansion Cards Revealed

If you’re a big fan of Legends of Runeterra, the last couple of days were insane in every way, shape, and form, and the fun isn’t over either — Riot has just announced the final set of cards that are supposed to round out their upcoming expansion!

Obviously, these cards aren’t as hype as the release of Aurelion Sol (or the many new keywords), but they’re still quite important. Those of us who are still playing older decks will need all the help we can get to fight against the upcoming slew of champions and strategies. Hopefully the meta won’t shift too much, although change is inevitable with so many cards hitting live servers.

Call of the Mountain | Final Cards:

Let’s go over the last couple of cards that were just announced for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra expansion:

  • Jack, the Winner is a five mana unit from Bilgewater with 5 | 6. Once the round starts, you can create a Fleeting Sleep with the Fishes in your hand.
  • Sleep with the Fishes is a zero mana Slow spell that deals 2 damage to an ally and 2 to the enemy Nexus.
  • Monkey Business is a two mana Slow spell that summons a Powder Monkey. It also has a Plunder effect that, when triggered, will summon yet another Powder Monkey next round.
  • For the Fallen is an eight mana Slow spell. Its mana cost is reduced by 1 mana every time you summon an Elite. For each ally that has died during the round this card is played, you can summon a Dauntless Vanguard.
  • Singular Will is a ten mana Slow spell. Once played, you can pick one of your units and then recall all other units on the board. On the one hand, the cost of this card is absolutely huge, but so is the effect. An interesting addition to the game, for sure.
  • Basilisk Bloodseeker is a seven mana unit with 7 | 4 and Overwhelm. Once summoned, you can deal 1 damage to an ally and four times as much to an enemy (up to a maximum of four targets).
  • Apprehend is a two mana Slow spell that can stun an enemy target. If you have Darius on the board, you’ll gain Rally as well. Quite a strong card that’s also cheap.
  • Tri-Beam Improbulator is a four mana Slow spell that’ll deal 1 damage to a unit after which you’ll get a random 1 cost unit on the board. You can also preserve this card in your hand and it’ll increase the effect of both by 1 when you play a 3 mana cost card.
  • Star Shepherd is a one mana unit with 0 | 3. This ally will gain +2 | 0 whenever you heal a damaged ally.
  • Fledgling Stellacorn is a three mana unit with 1 | 2, along with Lifesteal and SpellShield passives.
  • Giddy Sparkleologist is a three mana unit with 2 | 2. Once summoned (and you happen to Behold a Celestial card), you can grant an ally +1 | +1 and SpellShield.
  • Grandfather Rumul is an eight mana unit with 8 | 4 with Overwhelm and SpellShield. Once you summon this powerhouse, you can grant an ally unit +0 | +4.
  • Porofly is a one mana unit with 1 | 1 and SpellShield.
Celestial Cards

If you want to learn more about the many Celestial cards you can call upon using the Invoke keyword, you can check out the video below:

Closing Remarks

Overall, it’s fair to say that Riot knocked it out of the park with the Call of the Mountain expansion. It’s still too early to celebrate, but they’ll release almost 100 cards in a matter of hours. It’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come — the meta as we know it will shift entirely! In the meantime, keep your ears close to the ground for new strategies and powerful deck combos! We’ll be back with a thorough patch breakdown tomorrow night!