Diana Officially Confirmed as a Champion in Legends of Runeterra!

As expected, Diana is now officially a part of the Call of the Mountain expansion in Legends of Runeterra! This Lunari warrior is the perfect unit to round out the Nightfall mechanic and help usher in a different kind of meta once this exciting set of cards hits live servers on August 26th!
Rounding Things Out
Let’s go over everything that was just revealed!
  • Diana is a two mana champion with 2 | 2 and a Quick Attack keyword. Once you activate her Nightfall passive, she’ll automatically gain Challenger for the remainder of the round. To level her up, you’ll need to activate Nightfall at least four different times. Once leveled up, she’ll have 3 | 3 but her Nightfall passive will proc any time you active a separate Nightfall card. Once that happens she’ll gain +2 | 0 and the Challenger keyword for the rest of the round.
  • Diana’s Pale Cascade is a two mana Burst spell that gives an ally unit +2 | +1 for the rest of the round. Once you play it, you can shuffle an additional Diana unit into your deck. If this is not the first card you’ve played in a round, you’ll also draw a card.
  • Cygnus the Moonstalker is a six mana 4 | 2 unit with a Nightfall passive. When proc’d, Cygnus and another ally unit will gain Elusive for the rest of the round. Not too shabby overall, but with such a high price tag, this isn’t insanely viable either.
  • Hush is a three mana Burst spell that Silences a unit for the rest of the round and creates a Fleeting Hush in your hand. This, in short, is a game changer.
  • Poro Cannon is a zero mana Burst spell that requires you to discard a card for it to be played. It automatically creates two Dancing Poros in your hand.
Overall, there’s quite a lot to like. Diana isn’t insanely strong, but she has the right support around her. What’s most important, however, is Hush. This is essentially a low mana Burst spell that can effectively neutralize many current meta options. Riot obviously knows this as well.
Closing Remarks
Overall, if you’re a regular player of Legends of Runeterra, the release of Diana — along with everything that was revealed beforehand — is bound to switch things up quite a bit. This means we’ll all have to adapt, so it’s probably wise not to queue up for any ranked games until things settle down meta-wise.
There are so many exciting new cards and the potential for playmaking is absolutely immense. The game as we know it is bound to change, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be for the better!
There’s one more champion left for Riot to announce before they release the Call of the Mountain expansion. We already know that it’ll either be Zoe or Aurelion Sol, although the latter seems more likely at this point.
As always, we’ll bring you any update from the moment it hits the web!

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