| 15. June 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Now Supports DLSS, Expect Huge Gains in Performance

NVIDIA’s DLSS is, in short, quite a big deal, and now yet another popular title will officially support it: Rainbow Six Siege! This is definitely an exciting moment for those who are partial to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter! NVIDIA’s jaw-dropping upscaling tech has taken the world by storm and, frankly, we can’t wait for it to become omnipresent!

The sheer fact that we’re getting free performance without any apparent hit to visual fidelity is like something straight out of a sci-fi flick! It looks and works and feels like magic, so credit where credit is due. NVIDIA’s first attempt certainly wasn’t this impressive, but they definitely hit the mark once DLSS 2.0 was released.

“In Rainbow Six Siege, split-second reactions can be the difference between winning and losing. NVIDIA DLSS ensures that you’ve got maximum performance and image quality so you’ve always got victory in your sights,” said Anthony De Rochefort, 3D Programmer at Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege, like so many other esports titles in which a second can end up being the difference between victory and defeat, is sort of the perfect game for DLSS as it can truly harness its full potential. It requires a solid enough PC, but it’s not too hardware-intensive. With NVIDIA’s DLSS, however, gamers will be able to reach well over 100 FPS without any drop-off when it comes to visuals, so there’s definitely a cause for celebration!

Rainbow Six Siege + DLSS | Let’s Talk Performance

The performance numbers — as is so often the case with DLSS — are simply bonkers. If you’re playing on a fairly “old” RTX 2060, for instance, you’ll get nearly double the performance without any apparent hit in graphics. And that’s at 4K, mind you. What a truly incredible achievement. This means that you’ll be able to reach that high refresh rate mark without any further investment!

This is the very definition of “free performance,” and we’re still confused as ever at how NVIDIA has been able to pull it off. Newer graphics cards will also get somewhere between 50 and 80 additional frames per second just by toggling DLSS on.

For a more detailed breakdown, take a look at the benchmarks below:

Rainbow Six Siege DLSS

It’s almost too good to be true!

All in all, these are quite exciting times for those who are super into Rainbow Six Siege (over 70 million players, in fact). Well, at least if they have a relatively novel NVIDIA GPU, that is. The game might be almost six years old, but it’s still being kept alive by its surprisingly active player base.

The sequel (titled Rainbow Six Extraction) has also been announced recently and will be hitting the market on September 16th, so mark your calendars! Whether it’ll be as successful as its forerunner still remains to be seen, but the potential is certainly there!