| 12. December 2020

Zoe Is the Latest Legends of Runeterra Champion!

Zoe is the latest champion to join the ever-growing Legends of Runeterra roster! So, let’s dive a bit deeper into her strengths and weaknesses to better understand what she’ll bring to the table!

While it’s still too early to predict anything with confidence, it’s fair to assume that this pesky little champion from Targon is bound to create a lot of chaos! You’ll be able to test her out to your heart’s content on December 16th (along with Viktor and Riven) when the Cosmic Creation set ships to live servers!

Zoe Champion Reveal | Legends of Runeterra

Zoe” is a 1 mana champion from Targon with 1 | 1 and the Elusive keyword. She also has a Nexus Strike passive. By hitting the enemy Nexus, you’ll get a “Supercool Starchart” in your hand or, if you already have one, its cost will be reduced by 1. To level her up, she’ll have to see you play ten cards with different names. Now, the fact that she’s Elusive is great but also paramount. She’s as squishy a champion as they come and can easily be removed from the board. The point is to summon her as soon as possible and then set up for favorable trades with her accompanying support cards.

Things get a whole lot more interesting once she levels up, though. In her improved form, she has 2 | 2 and an additional passive effect. For the rest of the game, when you summon an ally, all of your other allies will gain its keywords. This part is absolutely huge and, at least if utilized correctly. Her Nexus Strike passive will still be present, although it’ll spawn a “Behold the Infinite” in your hand with its mana cost being zero.

Spell Thief” is a 1 mana Burst spell that’ll invoke three spells that your enemy played throughout the game and then create a copy of one in your hand. Overall, this is quite an interesting card. There’s a lot of RNG involved, but it’s insanely cheap and could end up benefiting you a ton, depending on which deck you’re up against.

Supercool Starchart” is a 2 mana Burst spell that’ll Invoke a Celestial card that costs 3 mana or less. Simple stuff, really, but also quite effective.

Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble” is a 2 mana Slow spell that’ll first stun an enemy target. It’ll then create a Fleeting “Paddle Star” in your hand and shuffle a Zoe into your deck. Again, a simple spell by design that’s also useful and easy to use.

Paddle Star” is a 4 mana Slow spell that’ll deal 4 damage to an enemy that has attacked during the round or is stunned. So basically it’s a one-two combo that can easily dispose of an enemy unit for just five mana. Not too shabby!

Starry Scamp” is a 2 mana unit from Targon with 2 | 2. The most interesting part, however, is that its cost will decrease by two if you happen to behold a Celestial card. This is quite a strong unit seeing how it’ll almost always cost zero mana — any Zoe deck will run a bevy of Celestial cards, after all.

Sparklefly” is a 2 mana unit from Targon with 1 | 2. It’s also Elusive and has Lifesteal!

Closing Remarks

Overall, this has been quite an exciting batch of cards! Zoe looks about as infuriating and disgusting to play against as in League of Legends. That’s pretty much a compliment, although it doesn’t sound like one! Transferring champions over to Legends of Runeterra is by no means an easy job. Fortunately, Riot managed to knock it out of the park with this one! Her full ability kit is pretty much intact, and we can’t wait to see her in action!