Jamie | 12. August 2020

ZenSports Withdraw Sponsorship for Upcoming FIFA Tournament

P2P sports betting marketplace ZenSports has announced that they will no longer be sponsoring an upcoming FIFA tournament, which had been scheduled to take place on its platform on August 15. In what would have been the first ever Esports event to take place on the betting platform, ZenSports announced their withdrawal due to EA’s terms of service.

News of their withdrawal means that competitors must now host and run the tournament themselves on behalf of ZenSports, who will still offer easy access to viewers hoping to watch their favourite players. Having only announced the establishment of a brand new e-football tournament, which offered a prize of $1,000 for the ultimate player, the news that they have had to withdraw will come as a disappointment to many.

How the Tournament Will Operate Without Sponsorship from ZenSports

The ZenSports portal was also due to facilitate gamers from across the globe in the creation of customised brackets on their mobile app, one of the new features in which they offer. The tournament in its new format will see 64 of the world’s top FIFA players facing off in a double elimination bracket competition, with the likes of King CJ0, TheMightyPed and cisseSZN set to be among the favourites.

Meanwhile, in a move that will certainly excite many FIFA fans, a dedicated skills challenge will also be part of the tournament, with the winner here receiving $250 worth of sports tokens. Viewers can place bets on a particular match or the tournament as a whole using the ZenSports app, using either tokens or real cash.

Those who are lucky enough to be successful will be rewarded using ZenSports’ very own in-app cryptocurrency, along with sports tokens, which can also be converted into cash or used to place future bets. For those interested, it is worth noting that this is a tournament strictly for PlayStation 4, while games will be streamed live on both YouTube and Twitch.

In addition to this tournament, ZenSports has demonstrated their willingness to crack the Esports market by adding the likes of Dota 2, Overwatch and Rainbow 6 Siege to its app, allowing their customers to bet on organised leagues from around the world, adding to pre-existing options surrounding League of Legends and CS:GO.