Jamie | 30. May 2021

xQc Receives Permanent Ban from NoPixel 3.0 Server

Content creator Félix “xQc” Lengyel has been permanently banned from the NoPixel 3.0 server. The news broke following a forum post from admin, which stated that xQc’ character, Jean Paul, was no longer a resident. This is the fifth ban for the Canadian streamer, which puts his future up in the air.

No official reason for the ban has been given as of yet, however it is believed that it is to do with xQc’s ongoing battle with NoPixel 3.0 police officers. Two standout altercations with the police came about during a recent stream. During one incident, the leading Esports personality unlocked an opponent’s handcuffs, before a roadside stop led to a shooting.

Who Else Was Involved in the Defining Incident?

NoPixel 3.0 server rules guard against Random Death Match (RDM). This means that players should not attack one another away from storylines or roleplay. Fellow streamer PENTA had attempted the roadside stop, before being gunned down by xQc while in his vehicle. PENTA chose not to report the incident to admins, stating that:

“I’m not reporting xQc for anything, there’s no point. It’s just gonna put a target on my back. The dude has been banned three fucking times now. Why would I report him for anything, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Why a Return Appears Unlikely for xQC

xQc did not get away with the incident however, with admins having banned the 25-year-old almost immediately. xQc hit out at PENTA during a recent stream, blaming his rival for escalating the situation. The Canadian also accused his opponent of being too scared to report him.

Following the ban, many players thanked xQc for his contributions on the server, with some taking the additional step of championing his return. With xQc having received for bans in the past, a return now appears unlikely. It seems like his actions with Jean Paul have finally caught up with him.

xQc finished a recent stream by stating that his following and viewer count is often viewed as a negative on the GTA server, with opponents using it to get out of issues.