Jamie | 7. October 2020

Will the Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Make a Return?

Speculation is mounting that, after four seasons using the Chapter 2 map, Fortnite could well be returning to the Chapter 1 offering. While the second installment of season 4 brought with it improved mechanics and appearance, some fans of the game are still pining for the original Athena map. Those who have been hoping for such a return could well be in luck, with some recent teases suggesting that the Chapter 1 map could well come into play once more.

Those of you who are familiar with Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 will know all about Iron Man and the upgrading of the Battle Bus. It is such upgrades that has led many to draw their own conclusions surrounding the possible return of Athena. Let’s investigate further.

How Rumours Surrounding the Return of Map 1 Started

Reddit user “SvenWillNeverDie420” brought to the attention of many that the Tony Stark whiteboard in the Stark Industries point-of interest includes a wormhole theory. What exactly does this mean? Stark is looking to travel through the wormhole by upgrading the Battle Bus? Or does the wormhole in fact connect maps, meaning that players can move easily between them?

Creative Director of Epic Games Worldwide, Donald Mustard, has had his say on the possible return of Map 1, teasing Fortnite fans on his Twitter page by posting the following: “Pay attention, because it’s ALL connected.”

Meanwhile, Reddit user Sven added to his theory by mentioning that the definition of Nexus is “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.” With Season 4 being titled the “Nexus War”, the connection of different things would also point to a potential return of Map 1. Many had previously believed that this was simply surrounding the connection between the Marvel Universe and Fortnite, however it now appears that there could be more to it.

When Can We Expect to Find Out For Sure?

While everything is speculation at present, with Mustard’s comments on the matter actually dating back to August, it would not be a major shock should Map 1 make a dramatic return. We will discover more when Season 5 is released, which is due to launch on November 30. A more concrete date is set to be announced shortly.