Jamie | 14. October 2020

Why Coop Signing for G2 is Major News for Fortnite Esports

G2 Esports.NA will be one of the teams to watch in the Fortnite scene following the arrival of “Coop”. One of the best free agents in North America East, Coop is widely regarded as being the leading solo player in the game at present. The American has two wins in the last three major solo Fortnite events, with his successes coming at DreamHack August and the Season 4 FNCS. Coop will also be looking to back up such wins in Season 4 with “Chap” and “Whofishy”.

G2 Has Decided to Go All In for Fortnite

G2 already had a strong following when it comes to League of Legends, Rocket League, Rainbow Six and several other gaming scenes, however it had initially been 50/50 as to whether they would go all in when it comes to Fortnite. However, with Slovenian professional and content creator “Thaj” having been released just a few days ago, G2 has been quick to add Coop to its roster.

A large number of well-known free agents are currently available in what is perhaps the biggest Fortnite region in the world, meaning that we could well see further signings announced over the coming weeks. However, the fact that G2 have chosen to attempt to make their mark in Fortnite is certainly good news for the game, with other organizations having been reluctant to do so to date.

Will the Signing of Coop Kick Other Teams Into Gear?

A host of organizations parted ways with Fortnite pros at the beginning of the year, however new teams are starting to form and existing ones are increasing their investment, demonstrating just how important the Fortnite esports scene could become. While G2 only has two Fortnite players on its roster at present, it could well be that more are announced in the near future.

The likes of Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski, Dominik “RazZZzero0o” Beckmann and Kevin “Tohaj” Batic have all represented G2 over recent years, however none have been able to make a significant impact. Lothar arrived in August 2018 and is no longer a part of G2’s active roster, while RazZzero0o left the organization in August last year, having been signed in September 2018.