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Who is the Best Overwatch Player of All Time?

Crowning an overall best Overwatch player of all time is probably one of the most challenging selections to make in Esports. This is because, since Overwatch League started in 2018, many players have shown different fantastic skills and absolutely unreal levels of mastery in the game.  Since the game has only been around for a few years, it is pretty difficult to pinpoint one person as the best player of all time. Instead, the best players keep changing from time to time as new players emerge and existing ones hone their skills.

Judging from the excellent skills and consistency they’ve shown over the years, this list presents you with the overall best Overwatch players of all time.


We can boldly say that Gesture is currently the best Tank player in the Overwatch League right now. Gesture first came to the spotlight with GC Busan, a relatively underrated team that came from nothing to the first runner up at the APEX Challengers Season 4. They advanced to the main league and became a terror to popular teams like Cloud9 KongDoo and Lunatic-Hai. They dismantled all the old guys and clinched the league title.

Gesture continued his dominance of the game after London Spitfire acquired the entire GC Busan team. Gesture has revolutionized the Tank role as a Winston specialist, using it to snatch victories for the London Spitfire for two seasons. Until now that he plays for Seoul Dynasty, his streak of incredible performance is yet to end.


When it comes to playing DPS, not many Overwatch players can lace Profit’s shoes. Right from his absolutely remarkable performance with GC Busan in APEX Season 4, till now that he’s one of London Spitfires’ most lethal weapons, Profit has always been a profitable part of any team.

Playing a razor-sharp Tracer main, Profit is a damage mercenary that no team wants to go head-to-head with. Millions of Overwatch fans can always bet on him, and rest assured that their bets can never go down the drain with his firecracker speed of wrecking havoc.

Furthermore, having Profit on the battlefield is a nightmare for heroes like Roadhog, Genji and Junkrat. His expertise impacted Spitfire’s victory during the first stage of the Overwatch League, and he’s currently replicating the same scary performance at the Seoul Dynasty.

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Yes, you guessed that right!  JJoNak is arguably one of the best Overwatch players of all time. JJoNak was a relatively unknown support player until he joined New York Excelsior and proved himself a monster playing Zenyatta.

JJoNaK isn’t your regular support. He unleashes a great deal of damage, so much more that he makes DPS players look like rookies. When JJoNak picks up a hero, he studies them like a book and has all their functionalities wrapped around his fingers. JJoNaK always sets his team on the path of success by blocking off enemy snippers and clearing the way for his team to advance further. He is such a valuable team player that many Overwatch teams now try to copy his style of play. All support players out there also admire him because no one has ever played Zenyatta as aggressively as he does.


The number 2 player on this list was supposed to be JJoNaK, but guys, think about it. JJoNak’s career is just picking up, and we don’t know how much longer he would continue to pull off an impressive game. But then, Ryujehong has already sealed his place amongst the most iconic Overwatch players that the world has ever seen. He changed people’s viewpoint of playing support. From the prolonged time he spent playing Zenyatta to the time he switched to Ana, Ryujehong has a way of turning every hero he uses into a demigod that could unleash untold terror on the enemy camp while building a shield over his teammates.

He was a pain in the ass of every Genji. He had an unbelievable mastery of the art of stopping their Dragonblades with his Sleep Dart. Indeed, Ryujehong isn’t currently at his peak, but it would be dishonest of us to put JJoNak above him since we’re grading the best players of all time. The truth is, even JJoNak wouldn’t be impressed, considering that he regards Ryujehong as a role model. Little wonder why some fans call him the granddaddy of Overwatch.

The Best Overwatch Player: SAEBYEOLBE

After watching him pull off several incredible performances all through three seasons of OGN’s APEX, we are confident to say that Saebyeolbe (SBB) is the best Overwatch player of all time. Although his team couldn’t get to the finals all through these three seasons, it is undeniable that SSB proved that no Overwatch player can play the clutch role better than he can.

For years to come, Overwatch fans will always relish in the memory of how he single handedly destroyed KongDoo Panthera on Route 66, playing the most lethal Roadhog performance ever. We also won’t forget how he unleashed terror on team USA’s Sinatra and Adams during the Overwatch World Cup of 2017, launching the South Korean side onto a resounding victory.

SSB became even more phenomenal when he joined the New York Excelsior. He has so far shown us the definition of mastery when it comes to playing the most brutal hero trio in the game- McCree, Tracer and Widowmaker. There are only a few players with his kind of aiming precision, and when it comes to pulling off a game-winning play, no one else comes close to him. Little wonder why he made the Seoul Dynasty one of the most formidable Overwatch teams in 2020 and 2021.

Other noteworthy mentions include Super, DDing, Dafran, Libero, Ark, Miro and Mano.


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