| 7. December 2021

WAVE Esports to Sign sOAZ, Mirai, Xoura, Bung & Adept

According to reports this week, WAVE Esports are set to sign top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, jungler Salah “Mirai” Eddine Lmimouni, mid laner Malik “Xoura” Donmez, bot laner Jakob “Bung” Gramm and support Andreas “Adept” Blikfeldt. The five players are all believed to have come to an agreement with the organization ahead of the 2022 season, with the news having been confirmed by Upcomer at the beginning of the week.

27-year-old sOAZ would be a major coup for WAVE, with the top laner having developed a good reputation over the last 12 months. After completing a coaching role with LDLC OL in the LFL, the veteran has returned to competitive action, as he announced back in October via Twitter.

Why the WAVE Esports LoL Roster May Take Time to Gel

As a four-time EU LCS/LEC winner, sOAZ will bring both experience and skill to WAVE. The Frenchman completed tryouts for a number of teams during the offseason, including orgs in the LFL, LFL second division and Prime League. However, his arrival at WAVE Esports is set to be announced it the coming days, with all parties having come to an agreement.

While sOAZ has vast experience in the League of Legends scene to his name, others on the WAVE Esports roster are relative newcomers, with little playing time, even at European regional level. Mirai, Bung and Adept were all part of the WAVE roster for the Prime League Pro Division 2021 Summer Relegations, where they recorded a good win over Euronics Gaming. As a result of the success, the org moved back to the German ERL.

DeliveryPanda Will Be Hoping to Coach the Team to Glory

Meanwhile, Xoura will make his professional debut after joining WAVE, with not much being known about the mid laner as of yet. The youngster will be hoping to learn off those around him, especially sOAZ. The roster will be led by Markus “DeliveryPanda” Appelhoff, who remains in charge as head coach from last season. DeliveryPanda is best known for his success at the European Masters 2020 Summer Main Event Finals, with former team GamerLegion.

WAVE Esports is an Austrian-based organization that has only been in operation since July 2019. Despite having recently entered the VALORANT scene, it is League of Legends where they focus most of their attention. WAVE are also involved in Fortnite, having put together a successful roster, with Spanish COO Cristobal “changuyo” Svoboda having done a good job for them to date.