| 26. August 2021 Teaches PSG.LGD a Lesson at ESL One Fall 2021

The Playoffs of ESL One Fall 2021 have begun and the CIS teams are showing us that they are here to win the trophy. In particular, VP proved in its match against PSG.LGD that its Group Stage performance was not an accident. Nightfall and his crew finished this stage with 5 consecutive victories and that is very hard to do when the match format is Bo2.

ESL One Fall 2021 Predictions

ESL One Fall is down to 7 teams after Spirit eliminated Empire in round 1 of the Lower Bracket. Two more teams will leave the tournament after the 2nd competitive day of the Playoffs. However, it is quite difficult to tell who these teams will be.

T1 versus Alliance

T1 is about to encounter Alliance and both of them had a modest run in the Group Stage. T1 finished with a record of 2 W – 0 D – 3 L while Alliance had 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss. You could say that Alliance is the better side, but I think that T1’s group was more challenging. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise that they lost so many matches.

Let’s not forget that finished with a perfect score and defeated PSG.LGD in the Playoffs. And Tundra Esports came close to defeating OG in the Grand Final of the qualifiers for The International 10. The only unexpected defeat for T1 came against Spirit. This match was, indeed, a big disappointment for them. After finishing 3rd at the second Major of the season and 1st at ESL One Summer 2021, I’m pretty sure that T1 expected more of themselves at ESL One Fall.

Tundra Esports versus beastcoast

It’s somewhat hard to believe, but beastcoast won Group B with a record of 3 W – 4 D – 0 L and defeated PSG.LGD in the process. That alone makes them a huge threat in this match against Tundra. However, Fata’s crew has a lot of experience and should be able to find a way to beat the South Americans.

Until I see them get more victories against top teams, I find it hard to believe that beastcoast’s run in the Group Stage of ESL One Fall wasn’t a fluke. The squad had done nothing significant prior to this tournament at the international level. And even though they are one of the best teams in South America and have qualified for TI 10, their strength is still in question. I expect Tundra to win this match convincingly.

PSG.LGD versus Team Spirit

PSG.LGD may have lost against, but so did Spirit. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Chinese region is much stronger than the CIS region overall. As a result, by being the strongest competitor in China, PSG.LGD is by definition better than almost everyone in CIS. The one exception, so far, has proved to be VP. But Spirit is much weaker than them. Unless something goes terribly wrong for PSG.LGD, I expect them to win this match.