Fragster | 10. August 2021

VALORANT – Player builds custom loadout profile program

Player builds custom Valorant loadout profiles so that other players can quickly change skins. People have been begging Riot since ages to build a feature for Valorant so that users can quickly switch skins between games. Now, one player built his own tool because Riot isn’t delivering.

Collecting skins in Valorant can be expensive and the people who bought some of them might want to use them all, so it comes as no surprise that players want a quick way to choose different loadouts across the board. You can change the skins manually after the conclusion of a match, but it would be really practical if there was a way to have different skin loadouts to make the job easy and more comfortable.

“Cman7531” could not wait any longer

Now, one player has had enough. User ‘cman7531’ took matters into his own hands and created a program that saves preselected skin loadouts for your arsenal of weapons without having to go back and making edits. He said he got tired of waiting for Riot to add loadout profiles, so he added them himself. The title of the users post was referencing the last program he built, which is essentially a Valorant skin randomizer.

I got tired of waiting for Riot to add loadout profiles, so I added them myself from VALORANT

Giraffy, a Riot developer, was pretty impressed with the randomizer and basically said that those kinds of programs shouldn’t lead to a ban in his view. Giraffy said that using the client API to modify loadouts does not seem ban worthy to him. “The client API isn’t officially supported for third party use, so do not expect future compatibility.”

In the video below, you can see the streamlined process to save an entire loadout and that once you nail it down, you can save every weapon skin how you want, down to the Gun Buddies attached to them. Until Riot is going to come up with an official way to change skins quickly, this custom Valorant tool could be the solution everybody has been looking for.