Jamie | 24. February 2021

VALORANT Coaching Slots to be Added

It has been announced that coaches could soon feature in the VALORANT Esports scene, with the news having been broken by Riley Yurk, Esports Strategist for Riot Games. VALORANT has become one of the leading titles in the industry of late, with many professionals having already made the switch from CS:GO, especially in North America.

With the number of organization’s entering VALORANT increasingly rapidly too, many had wondered how long it would take for coaching slots to crop up. However, it now appears that teams will be allowed to have coaches active while professional matches are taking place, although a specific date has not been given at this stage.

How Coaching Roles Could Impact VALORANT

Coaching are prominent in CS:GO, however some have been handed bans for their use of in-game bugs. This is another reason as to why the scene has gone downhill, with CS:GO tournaments having been impacted significantly by the Covid-19 pandemic too. Valve then made the decision to rule that coaches were not able to interact with players while games were taking place.

Speaking on Twitter, Yurk stated the the aim was to have coaches become a bigger part of VALORANT matches. Responding to a Tweet from Chet “Chet” Singh, Yurk posted: “hope it’s not a surprise but coach slots are on the way. we’re excited for coaches to be a bigger part of matches.”

This followed suggestions from Chet that changes to Bucky, frenzy and stinger were required, as well as adjustments to net code, OP pricing and replay systems. VALORANY will be hoping to learn lessons from what has taken place in CS:GO, with many having already speculated as to how coaches could operate.

When Could We See Coaches Introduced?

An additional coaching slot could be made available during matches, with two observers currently being present during events. As a result, coaches are currently made to wait in the wings for their opportunity to help players.

Riot are seemingly hell-bent on ensuring that VALORANT does not follow in the footsteps of CS:GO, having already taken a number of steps to ensure that the game remains fair. 100 Thieves was forced to remove its staff members from the room during matches, including both coaches and analysts. However, it would appear that coaches could well be allowed by the time the Champions Tour Masters Division rolls around.