Fabio | 20. April 2021

VALORANT Challengers NA: T1 & Cloud9 Have a Mountain to Climb

The playing field of VCT Challengers 2 NA is incredibly competitive. During the most recent Qualifier weekend, Sentinels weren’t even part of the equation, but now they’re back on the server. They’re being joined by the likes of Immortals and Built By Gamers, who shouldn’t be underestimated. TSM, T1, and Cloud9 have to step it up, as there are only four more Challengers Finals spots up for grabs.

Cloud9 put up a weak show at Challengers 1. While it was a success to even be there in the first place, Version1 then booted them off the tournament. Anthony “vanity” Malaspina and his men later booked their tickets to the Challengers Finals. Back then, Andbox exited after two straight losses, but Immortals went one step further. At the very least they brought XSET, the eventual finalists, to the brink with a 13-1 map win, despite faltering later on.

In the Open Qualifier to Challengers 2, T1 overcame FaZe Clan – a great sign for a resurging team. While Sentinels only had to contend with smaller teams, we know from Masters that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo should not be underestimated. So what chances do these other teams have?


Their arguably biggest problem is the bracket. Cloud9 and T1 will have to face off against each other in the very first match. This means that one team will have to drop to the Lower Bracket early on. Andbox are likely to lose their duel with Sentinels. Immortals are bound to suffer the same fate versus TSM. NRG and Built By Gamers may finally deliver a more even match.

In any case, the Lower Bracket will quickly fill up with competitive and dangerous rosters. The good news is that only four teams have to exit the tournament empty-handed,as the other four will secure slots at the upcoming Challengers Finals. There, they will have a shot at making Masters Reykjavík. After the likes of 100 Thieves and Envy have made it through already, Sentinels and TSM are the favorites for the Top 4. However, there is no knowing who will grab the last two spots.