Fabio | 6. March 2021

VALORANT Challengers 3 EU: Will G2 Finally Get Through?

G2 Esports are among the last top teams to not have made it to Masters. The conclusion to the Spring Season already boasts a star-studded lineup, but at Challengers 3, four additional teams will book their tickets to the event. Everything is on the line for G2, Fnatic, and OG.

So far, the biggest disappointment of the early year has been Team Liquid. When Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen announced his move to VALORANT, his fans were hardly surprised. With his VAC ban in CS:GO and Valve’s stubornness regarding the issue, he would arguably never have reached his goals as an esports athlete. However, the Liquid newcomer has not yet helped the team out of its slump. Now, the players have even missed their chance to qualify for Masters, as they bombed out of the Open Qualifier in the Round of 16.


So far, Raise Your Edge Gaming had only participated in the Challengers 1 Qualifier to no success. But now that many of the top teams are either qualified for Masters or Challengers 3 already, this opens up a path for them. In this tournament, however, they will have to face OG.

The players formerly known as Monkey Business already made a strong impression at Challengers 1. Back then, they achieved a one-sided victory over Guild Esports. But in Challengers 2 and under the OG banner, they couldn’t move past Team Heretics, which unfortunately has kept them out of Masters until now. At least they have secured their Challengers 3 ticket, and their chances going up against RYE are great. Dylan “aKm” Bignet and his colleagues have already beaten stronger opponents and one good qualifier performance on the part of RYE doesn’t hold a lot of significance.


Until now, only few Polish players have risen to prominence in professional VALORANT esports. This could change soon, however, as Ballista Esports are entering the space. But there’s still the same old question that also surrounds Raise Your Edge: Were the qualifier teams maybe just too weak? Even though Ballista put up a great show, this doesn’t mean they can now successfully fend off Fnatic.

After all, the former SUMN FC lineup has achieved quite a lot. In December, they managed to reach the Grand Finals of First Strike – despite G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and FunPlus Phoenix being in attendance. Even though Fnatic haven’t been on that level for quite a while, they’re still a different caliber of team and boast more achievements. So for Ballista Esports, this Best-of-Three will be their first big test. Should they really be able to decisively set themselves on top of this match-up, they might stand a chance at Masters.


Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas and his boys have been away from the European throne since First Strike and are now even struggling to remain Top 8 material. For an organization of such fame and prominence, making Masters and recording some wins there is an absolute must.

So does the team have a shot? In DfuseTeam, they have finally gotten a lucky draw. After they have had to play the Ninjas in Pyjmas two times in a row, they finally receive what appears to be a free ticket. Dfuse are a long ways away from being a top team. Even though their Qualifier victories were solid, they haven’t yet played Europe’s best teams – let alone beat any of them in a Best-of-Three. So for mixwell and his men, this match is the last and also their best opportunity to make Masters.


Just a few days ago, Gianluca “xTribune” Oehme was released from his contract. So far, the team has utilized the Danish player Mathias “SEIDER” Seider as a substitute, to great success. At epic.WAN 32, the team swiftly won the Grand Finals over Rix.GG, and even though the playing field was obviously not up to par with Challengers 3, this goes to show that their new fifth man is already integrating into the roster well.

However, Guild Esports shouldn’t be underestimated. For months, they have been laying siege to the European Top 10 and have already been a part of Challengers 1. In December, they made headlines by defeating G2, a match that was later voided after the usage of an illegal boost. Nonetheless, the Swedes are skilled and dangerous. They will most definitely bring the heat to Wave Esports.

Eight teams are in contention for the remaining Masters spots. Four of them may continue to the epic conclusion of the VALORANT Spring Season. G2 Esports, Fnatic, and OG have a lot to lose, but they also have the biggest shot at qualifying. Will they finally make it through or will the underdogs overwhelm them?