Fragster | 2. August 2021

Twitch – Unknown man appears in a streamer’s apartment

Unknown man appears in a streamer’s apartment and it doesn’t end well. It happens more and more often that streamers are getting heavily harassed by unknown people or even fans.

From Amouranth being swatted by the police almost every day, to Dr Disrespect having to end his stream because his house was shot at, to Tricisabirdy having a fan break into her apartment and announce that “he was going to save his princess” – such bizarre situations are getting more and more common, and often the streamers were live when it happened. Now an unknown man broke into the apartment of a Russian streamer and violently ended her stream.

What happened?

Victoria, is a Russian streamer who goes by the name girl__fighter on Twitch. When she was live and interacting with the chat, a man entered her apartment. It seems he had broken a window and that’s how he got into the apartment.

It was hard to understand what the man was saying, but apparently the man was bothered by Victoria’s constant streams. Maybe it was too loud for him, which could be possible because girl__fighter is doing pole dancing, hot tubs and sometimes plays CS:GO on her streams.

Victoria, one of her friends and the man – who was her neighbor apparently – are discussing wildly back and forth when the situation suddenly escalated. The man hit the desk with his fist, whereupon Vicorias friend sprayed him with pepper spray, which again causes him to knock the table over.

The table falls over, including the camera and screen, which ends the stream. Victoria streamed again a few hours later, so at least nothing seems to have happened to her. Meanwhile, both the recording and the clip have disappeared from the Twitch channel, but you can still see the clip here.

There is no official police statement and since the incident all of Victoria’s social media channels have been set to private mode.