| 30. November 2021

Twitch – Ludwig switches from Twitch to YouTube Gaming

The trend of streamers changing from Twitch to Youtube has become undeniable as more and more Content Creators are switching from their original home to YouTube Gaming. Now Ludwig Ahgren, the biggest star among the streamers, has decided to do the same and try his luck on YouTube as well. Ludwig is the biggest streamer on Twitch and broke the subscriber record in April after a subathon.

Now he is heading to YouTube – just like Dr Disrespect, CouRage, TimtheTatman, Dr Lupo and Valkyrae did before him. In the announcement video, Ludwig climbs from a purple car into a red car, which is meant to symbolize the switch from Twitch to YouTube. YouTube Gaming’s viewership has dropped slightly in recent months, but that could change drastically once Ludwig comes on board.

Why is Ludwig leaving Twitch?

Ludwig explained in detail what led him to say goodbye to Twitch. He said that he originally only went into talks with Youtube to negotiate a better deal with Twitch. But Youtube offered him more money and seemed genuinely interested in having him work for them – unlike Twitch, which were rather indifferent towards him.

“Youtube fought for me. At that moment I realized that even though I’ve been on Twitch for more than three years and people call me the ‘Golden Boy’ of Twitch, I’ve never felt like the Golden Boy of Twitch, I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it’s not mutual. It sounds so selfish, I make a ton of money, I have a lot of fans, everything is going well. I feel like a whiny 8 year old kid who wants his parents approval, and I never got it. They never got back to me after the Subathon, not like a ‘Hey, you made us the most money in a month, thank you,’ none of that. I never got anything.”

More time for other projects

Another reason why Ludwig chose Youtube over Twitch was that he doesn’t have to stream as much as he does on Twitch. That of course leaves him more time for other projects like his Christmas album, for example.

Ludwig told Twitch that he would switch to YouTube and again Twitch showed relative indifference, as the streamer finds. “It still hurt like hell when they Twitch said ‘we wish you the best'” He continues to say that he doesn’t feel particularly liked, respected or wanted and that he also doesn’t want to do something because it’s convenient. What held him back from YouTube was “fear”, but nonetheless he decided to go for it.

You can see Ludwig’s first stream on YouTube today, on November 30th.