Fragster | 3. July 2021

Twitch – $600,000 CohhCarnage donation was a fake

$600,000 charity donation on Twitch was fake. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion when Twitch star “CohhCarnage” called for a marathon donation on his birthday. Memorable the day definitely was, just unfortunately not as planned.

What happened during the charity stream?

The streamer is known for raising money for charity, and with 1.4 million followers, he usually raises quite a bit.
CohhCarnage thought he had raised $1 million for charity with his two big birthday streams. But the record-breaking $600,000 donation made to top it off was unfortunately faked by just one viewer.

For his birthday he had chosen St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital to receive the donations. His fundraising goal was $1 million, and as a reward there was to be a hot tub stream for the viewers. By the end of the day, he had originally reached $337,915. So he did three PC giveaways, promised to do a Bob Ross- painting stream, and put on a few different outfits for his next streams.

CohhCarnage recounted how the original donation of nearly $588,971, or almost $600k came in on Thursday, the day before the stream, with the viewer claiming he couldn’t donate through Coh Carnage’s chosen platform, but had sent the money directly to St. Judes.

Community forced Cohh to count the donation

Initially, CohhCarnage did not count the donation during the first charity stream. However, when the community learned about the massive donation, there were calls for it to be counted towards it. Therefore, Cohh added it without checking and the donation total grew to an incredible $926,886.

The donation was the largest single donation in Twitch history to a streamer – even if it was in the name of charity. The viewer with the 600k “donation,” by the way, was a “big part of the community” and claimed to have won the lottery.

Cohh was so close to cracking the $1 million mark that he scheduled a second stream over four hours the next day. He made it, too, and exceeded the fundraising goal to start a hot tub stream.

But a week later, the viewer admitted the donation was fake. The viewer faked bank statements and the donation screenshot. He then told the streamer that he was being accused of money laundering by police.

It was all just a dream

Cohh apologized to his community for accepting such a large donation without checking it carefully. “I jumped the gun. I counted the money as there before it was confirmed,” told Carnage. “I did a second charity stream with goals that wouldn’t have been met if there hadn’t been the 600k donation that I didn’t confirm. That is 100% my fault.”

Still he will keep all his promises, including the hot tub stream and that even though the total with the wrong donation drops below $1 million again. The correct amount is now $420,742 collected.

“To all other streamers who may find themselves in a similar situation, don’t be like me and be fooled. Don’t count the money as donated until it’s actually there.”