Fragster | 10. September 2021

Top 5 CSGO Players Who Moved to VALORANT

As VALORANT-mania spreads like wildfire in the esports world, multiple players from games like CS:GO, PUBG, or COD have migrated to play the much-loved game with a UI of tomorrow. Be it retired professionals or early outcasts, a range of CS:GO players have made the switch. And here are the best CS:GO players of the kind.

5. autimatic

The former star entry fragger for Cloud9: autimatic   

The former star entry fragger for Cloud9: autimatic  (Copyright: ESL | Carlton Beener)


Having played for a number of great teams, C9 is where Timothy “autimatic” Ta really shined. Alongside names like Skadoodel and Stewie2k, the entry fragger rather unexpectedly won the NA region’s solitary Major to date. While Stewie2k moved on to create the region’s strongest ever roster and Skadoodle simply faded out of relevancy, autimatic found the middle ground. Having stayed at C9, he parted ways with the team almost 2 years later, when he joined Gen.G Esports in 2020. His forced retirement from CS:GO came knocking when T1 paid to release him from Gen.G to represent their VALORANT squad. 

In T1, the 24-year-old American has reunited with his old pal Skadoodle and if fate would allow it, they might even win another Major together. 

4. nitr0

The veteran loyalist IGL for Team Liquid: nitr0

The veteran loyalist IGL for Team Liquid: nitr0 (Copyright: ESL / Helena Kristiansson)


An unexpected farewell from one of the best IGLs on the scene sent shockwaves all around the CS:GO world. Nick “nitr0” Cannella quit Team Liquid and the game as he joined a rival game, on a rival team. A move that would send the world into a frenzy, questioning the loyalty he had shown to Team Liquid over half a decade. He had played with s1mple and Hiko back in 2016 and still was a part of the golden era of NA in 2019. 

Nevertheless, he bid his official goodbye when 100T came knocking for a place on their VALORANT roster, where he has been reunited with his old pal, Hiko. The move clearly is not in vain since the duo has won quite a few tournaments there, something that could not be said for their careers in CS:GO.

3. Happy

The most successful star on this list: Happy

The most successful star on this list: Happy (via Giants Gaming)


Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer was a rather happy man when it came to team success. He might not be a s1mple or a gla1ve, but he definitely found a concoction. s1mple-like one-deags on Inferno B Site against TSM and a trophy cabinet reminding of gla1ve, Happy is definitely the most successful man to have switched to VALORANT; having won two Majors with LDLC and EnVyUs apiece.  

In 2020, the 29-year-old French drew the curtains on his esteemed CS:GO career and joined Excel Gaming’s VALORANT squad for a new life.

2. Hiko

The most unsuccessful and unlucky star on this list: Hiko

The most unsuccessful and unlucky star on this list: Hiko (via 100 Thieves)


Probably the most unlucky player in the history of the game, Spencer “Hiko” Martin finds his way on this list for a final shot at glory. Because for all the clutches and for all the highlights, one thing Hiko could never clutch on the CS servers was a Grand Final victory. Though his trophy cabinet remained empty, he did succeed in one of the most important tasks: molding s1mple. The CS:GO world is never forgetting s1mple, and with him will linger the name of his mentor that he respects so much: Hiko. 

On the work front, Hiko faced disappointment after disappointment and while he streamed his way out of CS:GO, he found a new home in VALORANT, which was released just in time for him. The gods had shown mercy. 

In 100T, Hiko has finally slayed his demons after three tournament victories, and the esports world could not be any happier.

1. ScreaM

The super-talented one-tap god: ScreaM

The super-talented one-tap god: ScreaM (via Team Liquid)


Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom. They talk about his one taps. The “Edshot Machine” was born with an unusual gift and has chiseled his art of one-tapping to beautiful perfection over the decade. His talent makes enemies, casters, and his own teammates scream. Some in horror, some in awe. The unlucky genius is undoubtedly the greatest ex-CS:GO player of the kind. 

Boasting a career marred with controversies, ScreaM was always on subpar teams in systems he did not fit into, or simply had the bad luck of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As he joined Epsilon, first the VAC ban of two of his teammates forced him to watch from the stands as his old pals went on to win the Major, and then nearing the next Major, the whole Epsilon squad except ScreaM was permanently banned for match-fixing. The Majors he missed out on witnessed his peak rot in vain as he never truly gained back his 2013 self.

His over-reliance on one-taps and a very specific playstyle meant that he couldn’t easily fit into systems and more importantly, many of his aspects like spraying and game sense didn’t truly reach the mark. The hour had passed by the time he realized that, and as teams married intense strats to build their teams on, he was left behind.

Streaming his talents was a reasonable option for him but after being on the bench for GamerLegion for a year, he switched teams and games. Team Liquid’s VALORANT squad was his next destination. The fact that he’s won and been the MVP of two tournaments and his team is Number 2 in EU, proves that he’s doing quite well. 

For all the hatred he got from the authorities, the fans of esports wouldn’t even blink while watching the cocoon of a legend crack open.