| 24. September 2020

The New Na’Vi Roster Proves Its Worth at OGA Dota PIT Season 3

Just a few days after signing FlyToMoon’s roster, Na’Vi can pretty much know for certain that they’ve made an amazing deal. Before I go into the details, let’s look one more time at the players.

Na’Vi’s Roster

Na’Vi decided to release their entire roster over the last few weeks. And prior to OGA Dota PIT Season 3, they made a shocking announcement: FTM was now under Na’Vi’s roof. For those who were aware of the situation, the move was probably intuitive. For me it wasn’t because I had no idea that FTM’s squad didn’t have any contractual obligations or serious support. Apparently, the players were doing everything out of their sheer passion for the game and out of a commitment to each other.

Na’Vi’s management found out about the situation and made FTM an offer they couldn’t refuse. Having nothing to lose and everything to gain, Iceberg and the rest of the crew decided to practically accept a collective job for one of the most famous esports clubs in the world. Under different conditions, I’m sure that Na’Vi would have never had the chance to sign this amazing roster. But since nobody else believed in them enough to offer them financial support and claim it, Na’Vi stepped in and offered to be their patron so to speak. It’s good for the players, it’s good for the club and everyone’s happy.

Na’Vi’s roster is now made up of 5 strong players:


V-Tune is just 20 years old. He started his professional career around 2 years ago. But his results were poor until the end of 2019, when he finished 3rd in DOTA Summit 11 with HellRaisers. He then continued with FTM and managed to get a series of good results.


Iceberg is 23 and he began in 2015. After numerous teams and even a 9th – 12th place at The International 2018 with Winstrike Team, he ended up playing for FTM. And he’s doing an excellent job for the team.


GeneRaL is a former Na’Vi player. He spent two and a half years here before joining FlyToMoon, so he’s practically back to where he started. This is not his first ride and his past results are quite good: Grand Finals, TI participations and even titles at various Minors.


This is by far the strongest player on the roster. During his 18 months with, he won multiple times everything that can be won apart from The International. He claimed titles at Majors, Minors and auxiliary tournaments. He’s widely regarded as one of the best roamers in the world.


This player is 29 and he played for numerous teams in the CIS region. His best results came when he was playing for Team Empire (9th – 12th at TI 5), Winstrike (9th – 12th at TI 8), and FTM (3rd place at EPICENTER XL).

Na’Vi’s First Results

Na’Vi started with a victory after bringing in FTM’s roster and managed to defeat Team Nigma. And while it is true that Nigma is playing with a stand-in, this is still the team that finished 3rd at the recent OMEGA League. Na’Vi only needed 2 games to finish the match and both of them took less than 35 minutes. This suggests superior skill and is a sign that FTM is likely to become one of the strongest teams in CIS and Europe.


Photo credit: Valve