Jamie | 19. August 2020

Team Whistle Sign Former Fortnite Pro as Esports Ambassador

Global media company Team Whistle has announced the arrival of Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski as its official Esports ambassador, with the former Luminosity Gaming professional having been a free agent previously. The announcement followed news that Team Whistle would be launching a brand-new channel on Twitch, which Sceptic will play a major role in, playing both Fortnite and Call of Duty once per week.

Having completed the purchase of Tiny Horse for an estimated $30 million of late, Team Whistle are looking to become a major name in the Esports industry, with their objective being to distribute engaging content for their followers. The arrival of 16-year-old Sceptic is the next step for Team Whistle in achieving their goals, however although the youngster has YouTube subscribers totalling 1.46 million and a large number of followers on social media, the arrival has been questioned by some, due to his history of controversy.

Why Sceptic’s Arrival is a Gamble

Sceptic has not been short of controversy during his time in Esports, especially when competing with Misfits Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. Stating that he previously trained anywhere between 8 and 18 hours a day to keep up his skill level, Sceptic left former team Misfits Gaming in July 2019, having failed to deliver at the Fortnite World Cup Finals alongside Clix.

A move to Luminosity Gaming materialised just months later, with his last outing coming in the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 2 Week 1 – NA-East alongside Thome, with the duo finishing in 34th place. His talent as a gamer is undeniable, however it is Sceptic’s ability to produce quality content that would have been more appealing to Team Whistle, with Director of Content Partnerships at the company, Josh Milan, stating:

“Sceptic is a young, talented creator determined to grow his brand and Team Whistle is excited to have him join our team and work in collaboration to push the boundaries in esports.” Milan continued by mentioning that Sceptic’s story will resonate with many and that Gen Z audiences “crave relatable and uplifting stories like his.”

What Will Sceptic’s Ambassador Role Entail?

Sceptic will now be part of a weekly Twitch stream, along with a bi-weekly YouTube series, weekly Snapchat show and a merchandise store. Meanwhile, and in what is news that will potentially excite Esports fans even more, Sceptic will offer Team Whistle followers the chance to play against him on his stream, an opportunity that many would crave. For those looking to see what Sceptic brings to the table, he will appear on the Team Whistle Twitch channel every money from 4pm to 7pm ET.

The youngster is clearly very enthusiastic about his new position, believing that it will help him grow his fanbase yet further and uncover new methods of engagement. The former Luminosity Gaming pro had this to say following the announcement being made:

“I’m excited to share my gaming experience, background and knowledge with people my age and encourage them to know that with hard work and dedication they can do anything they set their minds to.”