| 27. January 2021

Team Liquid Renews Partnership With Alienware

Team Liquid, one of the biggest and most successful organizations in all of esports, has just renewed its partnership with Alienware — for the foreseeable future. According to their official press release, this deal will prolong what is already the longest-standing partnership in esports. Ever since 2011, Alienware has been providing Team Liquid with all sorts of hardware: gaming PCs, headsets, monitors, peripherals, and everything in between. They’ve also helped build multiple gaming facilities across the globe, including one in Los Angeles and another in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

This time around, Alienware (and their parent company Dell) plans to engage with esports aficionados and Team Liquid fans on a much deeper level. The first step towards such a goal is simple: Liquid+. An initiative (and a virtual stadium) that’ll provide the most staunch Team Liquid fans with unique perks and access to exclusive content.

Throughout the year, this partnership should yield additional programs and focus on “elevating player performance through technology and cultivating a culture of inclusion and accessibility.” This includes unique mentorships, esports scholarships for the less fortunate and underrepresented, along with numerous events across the globe.

A Sign of the Things to Come

Esports is the future — of this we are all aware. The fact that Dell has decided to renew their partnership with Team Liquid only further attests to the fact. And you just love to see it; two highly successful companies going out of their way to create top-notch content for fans and gamers. In that sense, it’s truly a match made in heaven.

Plus, for fans of this perennial age-old esports org, things will only get better and better. More content and higher engagement will surely pay dividends over prolonged periods of time. Alienware, in particular, has already established itself as the de facto esports brand. It’s the one company whose name stands out the most. We can only hope that their long-term investment eventually pays off. As for Team Liquid, they’re currently the top dog across multiple different esports. And that’s saying something, given whom they have for competition. With vast amounts of success across competitive League, Dota 2, and CS:GO, Team Liquid is the premier destination for any aspiring esports player. And, by the looks of it, that won’t change any time soon. If ever, really. With exceptional leadership and a passionate CEO, the sky’s the limit for TL.

You can read more about the Team Liquid X Alienware partnership by clicking here.