Jamie | 19. October 2020

Streamer Tyler1 Signs for T1

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has joined T1 Esports, with the popular, yet controversial, streamer being one of the biggest names on Twitch at present. The 25-year-old has 3.7 followers to his name, with the American being best known for his streams surrounding League of Legends. Tyler1 has never been far away from the headlines, having been banned by Riot Games for a period of two years as a result of his poor behavior.

What the Move Means for Tyler1 and T1 Esports

Despite this, T1 Esports were keen to have him associated with their organization, with Tyler1’s following having enhanced massively of late. It seems that his brashness towards teammates and fellow streamers has only helped to add to his demand, with the former pro delivering in terms of both streaming and partnerships. Meanwhile, his own League of Legends tournament has only added to his stock.

South Korean organization T1 have long had a good relationship with Tyler1, while they have now made the decision to make things official professionally. The deal was announced by T1 on their official Twitter page, while CEO Shaun Marsh had the following to say regarding the arrival of the streamer: “For us with someone like Tyler, we view this more as a content creation partnership versus just a strict streaming deal.”

What Fans Can Expect from Tyler1

T1 clearly believe that the arrival of Tyler1 will help them establish a presence in North America, while it will relieve current players of their content creating roles in many cases. The South Korean organization is potentially the perfect home for someone of Tyler1’s stature, with fans set to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the agreement. Despite the deal having only been made official on October 18, the two parties have already started to create content together.

Eloborating on just why the organization made a move for Tyler1 at this stage in his career, Marsh stated: “It’s massive. You look at someone like Tyler, who has more ideas in his head than a lot of people do, and now he has the resources of an org behind him to say ‘hey I want to do this crazy shoot of XYZ’, and we can say ‘alright cool, let’s go do it.‘”