Jamie | 19. October 2020

Smooya and C0ntact Gaming Part Company

British CS:GO player Owen “smooya” Butterfield has parted company with c0ntact Gaming, with the 21-year-old seeking pastures now as he aims to be a main AWPer again. Smooya had been with c0ntact Gaming since August, having arrived on a trial basis alongside rifler Lotan “Spinx” Giladi.

Why Smooya Exited c0ntact Gaming

Having finished bottom at the Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup nine with the team, as well as failing to qualify for the DreamHack Open Fall, the fact that the two parties have parted ways perhaps comes as little surprise. The DreamHack Open Fall is the third Regional Major Ranking event in Europe, with c0ntact Gaming having come unstuck against mouseports.

According to statistics from HLTV, smooya had an average rating of 1.12 with c0ntact, however with Otto “ottoND” Sihyo being the teams’ main AWPer, the Brit will look elsewhere as he attempts to fulfill such a role. Speaking on his Twitter page, Butterfield posted: “It simply comes down to my role within the team and the long term plans they have.”

What Does the Future Hold for smooya & c0ntact Gaming?

Smooya, who has been a CS:GO pro since 2016, enjoyed a spell as AWPer for Chaos earlier in the year, which has clearly only seen his desire to play this position on a permanent basis. It is believed that he is open to offers from any team in the ESEA MDL. It is believed that c0ntact Gaming have already found a fifth player to replace smooya, with this news coming from Butterfield himself, however the team has yet to make any announcement in this area. C0ntact are already confirmed to take part in Season 2, which gets underway on November 9, with the team being one of the Flashpoint’s founding members.

We will wait and see whether c0ntact take a punt on an up and coming talent such as Spinx or decide to go for experience, however things should become clearer in the coming weeks, with the countdown to Flashpoint Season Two being well underway.