Fragster | 16. October 2021

Six Secret Tips to Playing Fortnite 2021

Every gamer wants to be a pro at playing Fortnite 2021, but out on the battlefield, there’s always a bunch of better fighters that’ll kick your ass and send you out of the game if you haven’t reached a certain level of mastery. Below are a few secret tips that’ll make you get better at playing Fortnite 2021.

Avoid Landing in a Hot Zone

When playing Fortnite 2021, you must always have your survival instinct charged to the fullest. From the moment you drop off from the battle bus, you have to calculate your moves carefully to avoid anything that’ll jeopardize your survival— such as landing on a highly swarmed area. Jumping off the bus in a densely populated place puts you in the spotlight for a moment, thereby making you a target for any nearby enemy.

Instead of exiting the battle bus at a hot zone, it is best to drop at a deserted area to avoid getting into an early conflict. Landing at such sites will also save you the stress of chasing the storm all through the entire gameplay. You may also get lucky to grab some loot without fighting ferociously for it.

Land Fast

Speed and smartness are two salient tools you need to play Fortnite 2021. Once you’ve decided on a place to land, look around cautiously and land fast without wasting time. Landing fast gives you the chance to take over the best position, pick top weapons, and get ready to strike before your enemies gather momentum.

If you’re playing as a squad, the entire team should quickly decide on the best landing spot and avoid any waste of time that could jeopardize your team’s chances of reaching your target quickly.

You need to also master the skills of deploying your parachute at the proper distance. To reduce the amount of time you spend in the air, it is best to land at cliff valleys, over water, or any other low part of the map. Doing this will also help you figure out the glide distance you need to cover to get to other parts of the map.

If the sky is empty, and there are not many people landing simultaneously, you could aim for the roof of the target building. But if other fighters are trying to land simultaneously, it’ll be ideal for you to slide towards a balcony or door. While making this decision, be vigilant and watch your enemies closely so they don’t roast you before you can make your way down.

The key to making it to the ground alive is to be faster than the rest!

In Fortnite 2021, the key to making it to the ground alive is to be faster than the rest!

Collect Loot Fast

The speed of collecting loot is one factor that differentiates pros from rookies. A pro pounces on the loot with the speed of light, while novices will most probably dilly-dally about it.  If you want to play Fortnite 2021 like a pro, you need to pick up your loot fast, because gathering loot at an early stage will significantly determine how far you’ll go in the game.

On your way down, look out for gold chests and ammo boxes to loot. Bear in mind, though, that looting gold chests will give you a more significant opportunity of getting your first weapon than ammo boxes would. Also, look out for ammo and shied positions. To quickly collect these loot, you can just walk over them with your pickaxe, and they’ll become yours.

Gather Resources Early

Pro Fortnite players don’t run out of resources because they start building up their wood stacks and other resources early. This is because as the map contracts, building your inventory becomes more difficult. These resources serve as a kind of shield that protects you, and without them, you’d feel vulnerable and less confident to make some critical but dangerous moves.

Be Smart With Your Weapons

Fortnite only gives each player five weapon slots, so you have to prioritize your weapons smartly. Although your choice of weapon depends mainly on your playstyle, there are some weapons you should prioritize if you don’t want to get stranded on the battlefield.

For instance, you need shotguns for close-range shooting, while you need an assault rifle to strike your enemy from afar. Having a shield can save you better than a med kid, and you could turn an entire game in your favor if you have explosives to blast the living daylight out of your enemies! Considering all these, you have to be tactical about your weapons and switch between them quickly when necessary.

Continue Watching the Game After You’ve Been Eliminated

Before you can become a pro at playing Fortnite, you have to learn from the fighters that eliminate you from the battlefield. Ideally, when you die, the game switches from your perspective to that of the person that killed you.

Some rookies—and even pros—quickly lose interest or restart the game at this point. But one trick that’ll make you a better player is staying put and watching your killer’s gaming moves. When your killer dies, the game will also automatically switch to the perspective of their killer. This continues until the final winner emerges.

Staying in the game even after your elimination will help you learn from players who’re better than you. You also get the chance to pause and evaluate the mistakes and circumstances that led to your elimination. You will also learn from the mistakes of your killer and the successive players that you’ll be watching from their point of view.


Achieving mastery in Fortnite 2021 takes a great deal of time and effort. So stay consistent, keep practicing, and implement the tricks you’ve learnt from this short guide.