| 3. May 2021

Six New LoR ‘Guardians of the Ancient’ Cards Revealed!

Six brand-new LoR “Guardians of the Ancient” cards have just been revealed and, frankly, they’re far better than expected! In fact, we’re putting it mildly here — they’re downright amazing! Now, in all fairness, they are few in number and there’s no overarching strategy to talk about just yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re without merit. On the contrary!

These cards have definitely piqued our interest and are all but guaranteed to affect the meta in a wholly positive way. How big of a shift we’re talking about still remains to be seen, but the potential is certainly there.

Targon, Ionia, Shurima, and even Yasuo will all benefit greatly once these cards hit live servers on May 5th! In any case, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive right in!

Incredible New LoR ‘Guardians of the Ancient’ Cards Revealed

Solari Sunhawk” is a 2 mana unit from Targon with 2 | 3 and a Daybreak passive. Once proc’d, it’ll stun the strongest enemy unit. Just this one card will surely be a huge boon to Solari-based decks. We’re talking about an archetype that is already rich in potent Daybreak cards, and this upcoming unit is no exception. For just two mana, “Solari Sunhawk” is way more powerful than one would expect.

Eye of the Ra-Horak” is a 5 mana Landmark from Targon with both a Countdown timer of 1 (“Stun the 2 weakest enemies”) and a Daybreak passive that’ll summon an additional copy of “Eye of the Ra-Horak” with a Countdown timer of 2 (so one more than the base card). Yet another spectacular Landmark that’s more than worth its price in mana. You’re basically getting four stuns, two of which are free, all in just a couple of turns. This will not only provide you with ample time to set up the board but can also help out immensely if you’re looking to stall things out.

Finally, the fact that this Landmark literally duplicates itself means it’ll be a must-have in any Malphite-based deck. Its total worth in mana is 10 which means you’ll be able to level up Malphite like it’s nothing. And, of course, this Landmark is a dream come true for those who’ve been itching to play a bit of Yasuo but were unable to find the right combination. Now it’s official: Targon is the way to go!

Shadows of the Past” is a 5 mana Fast spell that’ll recall each ally and summon a “Living Shadow” in its place. An interesting spell, without a doubt. The fact that it can level up Yasuo in a split second is also quite interesting, if not slightly OP (not to mention evade a “Ruination” like it’s child’s play). Still, it’s not exactly as easy to use (or to harness, rather) as the two Solari cards listed above.

Dancing Droplet” is a 1 mana unit from Ionia with 1 | 1 along with Attune and Elusive. Once recalled, you’ll draw a card. A fairly interesting unit, one that carries a lot of inherent potential. All in all, don’t let its timid appearance fool you: it’ll play a huge role in any upcoming Irelia deck!

Profiteer” is a 4 mana unit from Shurima with 5 | 3. Once summoned, you’ll get a “Lucky Find” in hand. A fairly solid unit, all things considered, but it’s obviously most interesting because of its passive. At four mana it’s neither cheap nor expensive, so it might see a fair bit of play going forward.

Merciless Hunter” is a 3 mana unit from Shurima with 4 | 3 and Fearsome. Once summoned, you’ll be able to grant an enemy unit with Vulnerable. This is where things get a whole lot more interesting! Three mana for such a powerful unit, one that comes with such a potent passive? Absolutely stellar stuff if you’re maining Shurima.

Setting the stage for Irelia!

Closing Remarks

All in all, this new batch of cards is nothing short of extraordinary! We can’t wait to see how big of an impact they’ll have on the game and whether or not we’ll see any huge meta shift over the coming days and weeks! Spoiler season is still in full effect, so stay tuned for more coverage!