Jamie | 10. March 2021

Single Player Mission to Kick Start Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Epic Games has announced that from March 16, Fortnite players will take part in a single-player mission, known as the “Zero Crisis Finale”. The mission will help launch Chapter 2 Season 6, with many having already described the move as being ambitious.

Of late, players have got used to the journey of “Jonesy”, the lead avatar of the series. However, the new season will step into storytelling. The transition from Season 5 to 6 has well and truly begun, with Epic having described the move as its “most ambitious story cinematic yet”.

Why This is a Major Change for Epic

While fans are understandably excited about the change of gear, the mission will do well to top some Fortnite events from the past, including the huge monster fight back in Season 9 and even a virtual concert involving rapper Travis Scott. Fortnite has made a name for itself for its live events over recent times, with Epic undoubtedly hoping that its latest move can propel the Battle Royale title back to where it once was.

Storytelling normally goes almost unnoticed within Fortnite, however Epic has taken the step of switching things up this time around. Fans will be able to stream the event as it takes place, however players will not be required to log in as soon as it is live in order to get involved.

Epic continued by stating that “the aftermath of this event is sure to shape reality as we know it”. This has got many talking already, with some expecting something as significant as the Black Hole event from back in 2019. Fortnite Season 5 kicked off in December last year, with the likes of Halo’s Master Chief and God of War’s Kratos having been sucked into Zero Point, along with Ripley from Aliens and The Mandalorian.

Why It Has Been a Busy Week for Epic

Upon making the announcement, Epic also advised players to spend all Gold Bars before the start of Season 6. Fans should also remember that Exotic Weapons can be exchanged at discounted rates. Sticking with Epic, the developer has acquired Fall Guys’ Mediatonic, as well as the Tonic Games Group, its parent company. However, this will apparently have little impact on gameplay.