| 12. October 2020

Shyvana Joins the Legends of Runeterra Roster!

It’s finally official: Shyvana has joined the ever-growing Legends of Runeterra champion roster! Granted, her release was foreshadowed a bit by yesterday’s announcement, but this is still an exciting moment for those who prefer Demacia as their region of choice!

There’s quite a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive right into it!

Legends of Runeterra — Shyvana Reveal

Shyvana” is a 4 mana Dragon champion with 3 | 4 and an Attack passive. Once Shyvanna attacks, she’ll gain +1 | +1 for the remainder of the round. This means she can easily clear low power units although she’s by no means a powerhouse. To level her up, she has to see Dragon allies deal 12+ damage. Her second form is “Dragon Shyvana” with 4 | 5 and the Fury keyword. Again, once she attacks she’ll gain +2 | +2 but also create a Fleeting “Strafing Strike” in your hand. (more on that below) Her improved form is much more potent and dangerous. Not only will she be able to heal because of Fury but getting +2 across the board is nothing to scoff at. Overall, quite an interesting champion.

Strafing Strike” is a 3 mana Fast spell that’ll force your ally and an enemy unit to strike each other. Then, if your ally happens to be a Dragon, it’ll heal for 2 HP. A great card that’ll provide Dragons with a ample protection. You’ll also use it to clear the opponent’s side of the board, so overall, a must-have in any Shyvana Legends of Runeterra deck.

Shyvana’s Confront” is a 3 mana Burst spell that’ll grant an ally unit Challenger and then shuffle a Shyvana into your deck. A hugely powerful card that’s also quite cheap. This, along with “Strafing Strike” will be some of your most valuable cards. Giving Challenger to a unit will allow you to strategically clear the board and set Shyvana up for success.

Eclipse Dragon” is a 7 mana Dragon unit with 7 |5 and Fury. This card, however, also has both a Daybreak and Nightfall effect. If you play if first, the next Dragon or Celestial unit you play will cost 2 less mana. If you play it afterwards and activate its Nightfall effect, it’ll create a random Dragon follower and Celestial follower in your hand. Overall, an expensive unit but also one that packs an insanely strong effect.

Kadregrin the Infernal” is a 9 mana Dragon unit with 9 | 6 and Fury. Once summoned, he’ll grant all your Dragon allies +2 | +2 regardless if they’re in play, hand, or deck. Talk about a stat boost! This is, obviously, a late game behemoth, and while its effect is hugely beneficial, you probably won’t be seeing him all that often.

Dragonguard Lookout” is a 6 mana Demacian unit with 3 | 5. Once you summon her and she happens to behold a Dragon, you’ll get Rally. This is a huge card that’ll echoes the “offense if the best defense” sentiment. Six mana crystals is nothing to scoff at, but her effect could potentially allow you to OTK with ease.

Closing Remarks

Overall, today’s announcement was quite a momentous one.

It’ll be interesting to see how these cards will ultimately affect the meta and whether or not Shyvana (and Soraka) will end up taking over the reins from Aurelion Sol, Leona, and Diana. The current state of affairs isn’t all that exciting, and players have been clamoring for change ever since the first Call of the Mountain set was released.

Monuments of Power, however, will definitely spice things up! We’re getting Tahm Kench, Soraka, Landmarks, a bevy of Bilgewater cards, and a ton of other nuanced goodies! That, in short, is quite a lot. Naturally, this is the moment when everyone starts theorycrafting on what’ll be the best and most optimal way to utilize these new champions and strategies.

Make sure to log in and start grinding if you want to join in on the fun! Forty brand-new cards (including three champions) will be hitting live servers in a matter of hours so you’d be wise to prepare and do a bit of reading! As always, we’ll bring you any updates as they hit the web, and we’ll be back with a bit of post-patch coverage as well!