Fragster | 3. August 2021

Shocking! – Man struck by lightning through wired controller

Man struck by lightning through video game controller. A man from Robertson County, Tennessee was tremendously lucky. He was playing a videogame Saturday night when a thunderstorm started outside.

When lightning struck near him, he was struck by the lightning through the cord from his controller. Immediately after that he called the ambulance but luckily he didn’t get any injuries except for a huge shock.

A blessing in disguise

The lightning must have either struck the man’s house itself or very close to it for him to have received the shock from the video game controller. Fortunately, the man was uninjured and did not need to be taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Lightning strikes while playing video games are not as rare as one might think. It can actually happen to anyone playing games with a wired controller during a thunderstorm. Something even worse happened last year to Karma, a Rocket League pro gamer.

She was playing a game with a wired video game controller in her hand during a storm. When lightning struck, it discharged through Karma’s controller and she suffered severe burns to her hands. In addition, the controller’s USB port melted.