| 11. December 2020

Seven New Legends of Runeterra Cards Revealed for Cosmic Creation

As expected, we have a bunch of exciting new Legends of Runeterra cards to break down! There’s still no champion announcement, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything concrete to go over. On the contrary!

This is quite an interesting batch and there’s a fair bit of ground to cover, so let’s get down to business!

New Legends of Runeterra Cards | Cosmic Creation

The Grand Plaza” is a 3 mana landmark from Demacia. When you summon an ally, it’ll gain +1 | +1 and Challenger until the end of the round. Overall, this is quite a simple landmark by design but also an insanely powerful one. A stat boost is reason enough to put it in your deck, but getting Challenger as well? That pretty much seals the deal. It’s also pretty darn cheap, too! Three mana crystals for such a boost in power is practically nothing!

Captain Arrika” is an 8 mana unit from Demacia with 6 | 6 and the Spellshield keyword. Once you play it, it’ll capture a unit or a landmark. Yet another potent card that’ll surely empower Demacian decks going forward. It doesn’t come cheap, of course, but having the ability to remove a target from the board without any additional cost will definitely come in handy. Plus, its Spellshield passive means it’ll surive a bit longer than one would expect.

Evershade Stalker” is a 2 mana Shadow Isles unit with 2 | 2. Its keywords are plentiful: Ephemeral, Fearful, and Can’t Block. It also comes with a nifty Nightfall effect: it’ll create a copy of itself in your hand. So, basically, it’s a self-perpetuating mechanism that’s also fairly cheap. Not too shabby!

Pesky Specter” is a 0 mana Shadow Isles unit with 1 | 1 that’s also Ephemeral. Once it dies, it’ll create two copies of itself in the enemy deck. This is a strange one, really. On the one hand, filling your opponent’s deck with “Pesky Specter” copies can definitely throw them off tempo. On the other, if they happen to play it afterwards, they’ll kinda dish out the same punishment in return. Still, if you run these in a Hecarim deck, they’ll definitely come in handy.

Moonlight Affliction” is a 5 mana Burst spell from Targon. It’ll silence two enemy units for a single round’s duration. If you happen to activate its Nightfall effect, however, it’ll have an even stronger effect: those two units won’t be able to block. Overall, a somewhat pricey card that’s also quite potent. Heck, maybe that’s even an understatement!

Solari Sunforger” is a 4 mana unit from Targon with 5 | 4. It also comes with a solid Daybreak effect: it’ll have Lifesteal until the end of the round in which it’s summoned.

Targon’s Peak” is a 5 mana landmark from, well, Targon. It also comes with quite a peculiar passive: at the start of each round, it’ll reduce the cost of a random card in each player’s hand to 0 (until the end of the round). A strange effect, for sure. Whether it’s of any actual use or not will heavily depend on the type of deck you’re facing. At least it’s somewhat “fair” given its RNG nature.

Closing Remarks

Overall, these new Legends of Runeterra cards are quite exciting! They’ll surely provide a bit of oomph to Demacia, Targon, as well as certain Shadow Isles decks, and we can’t wait to see them all in action! If Riot’s announcement cadence is any indication, we should be getting a champion reveal in a day or two so stay tuned for more coverage!