Fragster | 10. August 2021

SCUF Gaming – also accused of sexual harassment

SCUF Gaming is also accused of sexual harassment. In addition to Blizzard, another company has now been caught in the crossfire. SCUF Gaming is a manufacturer of gaming controllers and is also the official controller partner for
both the Call of Duty League and the NBA 2K League.

After a former employee shared her bad experience at the manufacturer on Twitter, SCUF Gaming now spoke up and said they will investigate the sexual harassment allegations made by her. @vivisquid is what the former employee calls herself on Twitter.

What exactly happened?

She claims in a twitlonger that she was sexually harassed by several SCUF Gaming employees and says that they repeatedly made inappropriate comments to her during the 2 years she was employed there. She was also aggressively pursued by her colleagues, bad-mouthed and constantly groped.

At the time, one of her colleagues did not like it at all that she “invaded a workplace that was only for men”. One day he suddenly “snapped and threw a controller at her.” Another colleague allegedly gossiped with the former employee’s supervisors about her sexual proclivities, was “constantly touchy” and made sexually suggestive comments to and about her, whilst another one sent her “weight loss” e-mails when she started gaining weight.

She was sexually harassed by as many as six different co-workers over the span of her career with SCUF Gaming. At one Christmas party, her breasts were grabbed, and when she rejected a co-worker’s aggressive advances, he began talking badly about her at work, saying that she was an “ugly bitch with a bad attitude” and that “no one would want to rape her.”

She tried to get help

After these incidents, the former employee decided to contact the HR department as well as management. However, they did not do anything – on the contrary, management made fun of her because she was “too sensitive” and “only girls are being so sensitive”.

She also reports an incident where she was briefly in the bathroom. One of her colleagues simply went to her seat when she was away, used her phone, searched her private Twitter account, and then reported a tweet to HR that appeared to be directed at said employee.

This situation resulted in the former employee losing her job. Basically her molester was not fired when she she reported sexual abuse but she herself got fired for a tweet. The whole situation sounds a lot like Blizzard, where HR was also protecting the abusers and the victims were made fun of.

SCUF Gaming also posted on Twitter after the former employee’s Twitlonger that they were “very concerned” about her allegations in the post and that they will “urgently investigate this matter to take further action internally.” The former employee also says that “it’s not just Activision Blizzard, it’s happening everywhere.”