| 15. October 2021

Rocket League – Wolves Esports Announces New Roster

Wolves Esports has once again announced a new Rocket League roster, with their new lineup featuring veteran Euan “Tadpole” Ingram, as well as “Kieran “Rehzzy” Hogan and Zakariya “TriToN” Gavrilenko. Wolves Esports, the Esports division of the Premier League football club, will be hoping that the mix of youth and experience will pay off.

Wolves Esports entered the Rocket League Championship Series in 2020. However, following some disappointing results, the organization made the decision to part company with its entire roster, with the players having gone their separate ways since. Despite such struggled, they have centered their new roster around Tadpole, who has had his fair share of ups and downs during his career.

Why Wolves Are Giving the Rocket League Scene Another Try

Wolves made it clear that they would be sticking around the Rocket League following the announcement that it had released its entire former roster. However, it has taken until now for the org to give fans an insight into what their future holds. The new-look roster has been unveiled, although some will be questioning whether the players involved have what it takes to take the team to the next level.

The team has little experience, meaning that they will do well to qualify for any main events. This is especially true given the fact that RLCS 2021-22 season main events will be made up of just 16 teams. Much will fall on the shoulders of Tadpole, who appeared at the RLCS 7 World Champions under the banner of Triple Trouble. At the event, the Welshman and his teammates finished in 5th-8th position. However, this did not stop Tadpole’s teammates all finding a new team for the next season.

Can the New Arrivals Take Wolves to the Next Level?

It was partly because of this that Tadpole did not compete in the RLCS until Season X, some 12 months later. However, he will undoubtedly be delighted to be signed to a leading organization once again. He will be competing alongside Rehhzy, who only made his RLCS debut in Season X. However, he has not been part of many main events up until now.

Elsewhere, TriToN will be making his RLCS debut, having impressed during offseason events. Speaking on the new roster, Wolves Esports coach Joessi “Juicy” Moorman stated that: “This upcoming season will be a ruthless one with only 16 teams per event, but I’m very confident in our abilities as a team and I’m sure we’ll make some waves.”