| 16. September 2021

Rocket League – Guild Esports sign Bluey ahead of new season

Completing their all-English roster, Guild Esports has announced the arrival of Daniel “Bluey” Bluett. The 19-year-old has played for PSG, FC Barcelona, Triple Trouble and Galaxy Racer over the years, before joining Guild during the offseason. Having clearly impressed during practice, Guild invested in acquiring the RLCS Season 6 – Europe: RLRS winner.

With Bluey having departed Galaxy Racer in May and Guild having parted ways with Thomas “Tho” Binkhorst, many had already put two and two together. The organization broke the news via Twitter on Wednesday, posting: “WELCOME TO THE TEAM @BlueyRL. So excited to welcome you to the family – make sure to catch him and the team in the WePlay Rocket League Invitational tomorrow.”

Who will Bluey team up with at Guild Esports?

The full Guild Esports Rocket League roster is now known, with the team likely to be competitive at the upcoming WePlay Esports Rocket League Invitational. Bluey will team up with compatriots David “Deevo” Morrow and Joseph “Noly” Kidd, as well as coach Mike “Gregan” Ellis.

Bluey has long been one of the best-known players in the Rocket League scene, with his debut in the RLCS having come back in 2017. The British pro was named as MVP of the RLCS Season 8 regular season, when he was competing for FC Barcelona. His talent is there for all to see, while his experience will also be invaluable to Guild.

Bluey and Deevo will be reunited at Guild, having been teammates at FC Barcelona in seasons 7 and 8. The duo also played together during the early stages of their Rocket League careers, before becoming professionals. Bluey’s breakthrough achievement came in RLCS Season 7, when he finished second in the EU regular season standings. Bluey also finished in 5th-6th place at the RLCS World Championship in both seasons 4 and 7.

What Bluey had to say on signing for Guild

Speaking on his arrival at Guild, Bluey stated the following: “It feels amazing to play with Deevo again. Me and Dave have such an amazing connection together. We just know each other. And of course, Deevo and Noly being scousers, they know each other very well. So the three of us, it’s basically like a family and it’s a great team environment.”

While Bluey has already competed for Guild Esports in an unofficial manner, he will take center stage when the org features at the WePlay Esports Rocket League Invitational. The RLC 2021-22 season will then take priority.