Fragster | 13. August 2021

Rocket League – Dreaz added to G2 Esports Line-up

Dreaz added to G2 Esports Line-up. G2 Esports has announced the arrival of Andres “dreaz” Jordan, with the American having been added to the organization’s Rocket League starting lineup. The news broke on Thursday, with the 15-year-old set to become the latest star in the scene.

The former Guppes pro had been acting as a stand-in for the team since back in March, with his stay having now been made permanent. Dreaz performed well when standing in for Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo at the end of the Rocket League Championship Series Season X. While many expected G2 to sign an experienced pro during the offseason to replace the retired Rizzo, the org has put faith in the teenager instead.

Why G2 signed Dreaz on a permanent basis

15-year-old dreaz was relatively unknown within the Rocket League community before standing in for G2. The American only became old enough to compete in the RLCS back in March this year, having previously only been regarded as a promising 1v1 player. With dreaz on board, G2 Esports did well to secure their Championship place on the last day of the regular season.

They ultimatlely finished the Championships in 3rd-4th, after being eliminated by eventual winners NRG. The semi-final was a close encounter, with G2 eventually being on the wrong end of a three-game set. During the tournament, dreaz’s statistics were impressive, putting him on par with veteran teammates Reed “Chicago” Wilen and Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman. The teenager finished with 0.68 goals per game, as well as 0.56 assists and 1.5 saves.

Will Dreaz continue to grow at G2?

If G2 had not signed Dreaz, he would have undoubtedly been snapped up by another leading RLCS team. However, G2 clearly have confidence that Dreaz can be nurtured into a world class player, having proven that he can cut it at the highest level already. Unlike many players of his age, Dreaz has reached the top already.

Dreaz has previously won Rocket League competitions including the USO Experience: Atlanta, NSG Winter Championship and ISP: Las Vegas Warrior Week, with the lower tier events taking his career earnings to almost $40,000. But there is a good chance, that even he is allready performing on a top level, that he can do even better. We have to wait and see what the future brings for Dreaz and G2 as a team.

We are really excited to see his first performance for G2 and wish him good luck.