Rix.GG Announced VALORANT “Lightning” Roster

British Esports organization Rix.GG has announced the launch of an all-female VALORANT lineup. Known as “Lightning”, the team was established with the aim to offer greater opportunity to women and marginalised genders within the highest levels of Esports.

The Rix.GG Lightning lineup is comprised of players from the UK and across Europe, which Daniela “Jupi” Gradl, Maria “6sonya” Istrate, Nelly “Raina” Sobobrado, Paige “Padge” Thomas and Anja “aNNja” Vasalic being the founding memebers. The team is searching for a coach at present, with trials take place to determine who secures the position. However, we do know that Nicole “Wolf” Solymose will be in charge of managing the team.

What Rix.GG Has Said On the Announcement

Such players formally competed under the banner of LaGals, winning a host of tournaments in the process. They will now play for Rix.GG, as they look to compete in all-female, marginalised gender and open events. Jamie Lewis, founder and CEO of the organization had the following to say on the announcement:

“This could be one of the best kept secrets in esports! So many people have worked so hard to put this together to ensure Rix.GG has one of the absolute best female and marginalised gender teams in Europe. We are incredibly excited to welcome all five of the new players and cannot wait to see how the Rix.GG setup can benefit the team.”

Meanwhile, Wolf, who’s exact role with the team has been titled Head of Esports Inclusion and Team Manager, said: “We’re looking at some of the most dedicated and talented players in the world. They are going to take us all by storm and while they are at it, they’re going to make a change so big that it will resonate within the Esports profession and beyond.

Breaking records and breaking negative stereotypical thought-barriers. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that this team will make it to the top. They have got the dedication; they have got the fire and the strive to become the best.”

Who Are Rix.GG?

Rix.GG was founded in 2020, having acquired one of the leading VALORANT teams in the UK. Their main goal is to enable gamers to reach their full potential by offering support and competitive training.