| 22. January 2021

Razer Announces Naga X MMO Mouse

Razer has just announced a brand-new gaming mouse called Naga X — a successor to an old design beloved by many! Needless to say, if you’re super into MMOs (or just need a boatload of programmable buttons) then this is about as good as it gets!

If this has piqued your interest, you’ll bound to fall in love with the spec sheet as well. At just 85g, it’s 30% lighter than the old Naga Trinity (a poster child for MMO mice). Now, its weight is by no means astonishing, but the Razer Naga X isn’t geared towards competitive esports or first-person shooters. So having a bit of heft to it is by no means a bad thing. Much like its older brother, the Naga X features 12 fully programmable buttons on the left-hand side. These will definitely come in handy for those seemingly endless WoW raids or, perhaps, some other non-gaming workflow.

The overall design hasn’t changed, and that’s for the better. We’re talking about a well thought-out ergonomic design that has stood the test of time. The only downside (for some, at least) is that it’s not ambidextrous.

New Optics

Razer has also decided to equip the Naga X with their latest 2nd generation optical switches which should eliminate any unintended double-clicking issues. It’ll ramp up to 18000 DPI (not that you’ll ever go that high), and has an improved lifecycle of around 70 million clicks. Plus, you’ll enjoy the vastly improved PTFE feet on the bottom — a highly welcome change that will provide gamers with a much smoother glide.

It’s also equipped with the standard bells and whistles for which Razer is well-known for; namely the customizable Chroma RGB for those who prefer a bit of bling on their peripherals. As for the cable, it’s of the “Speedflex” variety which should provide minimal drag along with superior “fluid swipes.” Whether that’s just marketing speak or not still remains to be seen.

While the Naga X isn’t an a big leap in terms of aesthetics, it’s still a huge upgrade overall. A decrease in nearly 40g is absolutely huge, and so it’s well-worth the asking price: $79.99. Now, this is by no means a cheap mouse, but it’s arguably the best one in its (relatively niche) category. Plus, the addition of optical switches and improve PTFE feet is an added bonus.

Still, for roughly eighty dollars, you could also go wireless. You won’t get as many buttons, but having that freedom of movement is liberating in every sense of the word. Alas, it all boils down to personal preference. In any case, it’s nice to see Razer refresh an old, but still much-beloved model with brand-new internals!