| 16. August 2020

Rampart Shown Off in Latest Apex Legends Trailer

We’re mere days away from the sixth season of Apex Legends, and needless to say, there’s a bevy of reasons to be excited. With an in-depth crafting system, a brand-new weapon, battle pass, and a ton of cosmetic items, we’re bound to be entertained beyond reason once “Boosted” hits live servers.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re getting a new legend — Rampart!

Rampart Abilities

One quick look at the trailer is all you need to understand that a) she packs a punch and b) she’ll bring quite a lot of utility to the table as well. Rampart (also known as the “Quick-witted Modder”) has quite an enticing arsenal of abilities.

First of all, her Tactical Ability is “Amped Cover” that allows Ramprt to build a “crouch-cover” wall that has a two-fold effect: it’ll block incoming shots while also amplifying your own shots and those of your teammates. Her passive is “Modded Loader” which grants Rampart increased magazine capacity and even faster reload times when using an LMG or the minigun. Finally, her ultimate ability is quite a game-changer. Rampart sets up a mounted machine gun for anyone to use. It deals a ton of damage, has more ammo than you’d expect but is also hindered by longer reload times.

Rampart excels at fortifying her squad’s position, providing both shielding and damage amplification, while also dishing out incredible amounts of damage. She’s technically a defensive character ability-wise, but if piloted correctly, she’ll be equally as offensive and dangerous when it comes to her damage output.

The fact that she’s packed with tools and oversized weapons means she’s bound to heavily affect the game and its current meta. That, in essence, is quite an exciting thing, but it’s going to require some getting used to. Players will surely experiment for the first couple of days (if not weeks) before finding ingenious use cases and spots on the map that synergize perfectly with Rampart’s bombastic abilities.

Will Rampart’s release switch things up? The potential is certainly there, but it’s still too early to predict anything with confidence. Fortunately, with season six being mere hours away, we’re bound to find out sooner rather than later!