Fabio | 22. September 2020

R6 NAL: eUnited & Oxygen Survive

The third play-day of Rainbow Six North American League Stage 2 is done and dusted, two teams will live to fight another day. However, with Soniqs and Disrupt Gaming, two teams have already been eliminated, meaning that they’ll have to fight through the Losers’ Bracket in the next phase.


The European/American mix-team centering around Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere were unable to impress yesterday. In their opening match, Susquehanna Soniqs had been somewhat close to disrupting DarkZero, but against eUnited they couldn’t perform quite as well.

On Oregon, eUnited were quick to take the lead. With a near-perfect defense, they secured the 5-1 lead at half-time and were just two rounds away from the match victory. Soniqs were able to delay this for a short while, but eventually, Oregon ended with a 7-4 in favor of eUnited. In Consulate, Soniqs had finally found a better map for themselves. There, they got off to a great start and secured a 4-2 lead at halftime. With a great defensive side, they quickly secured map point at 6-3. Unfortunately, all went downhill from there, as eUnited got round after round. Suddenly, they were so strong on the offense that they managed to reach overtime and only gave a way one more point. With an 8-7, they mounted a fantastic comeback over Soniqs.

So eUnited will have another shot at getting to the Winners’ Bracket for Phase 2. For that to happen, though, they’ll have to fight the loser between Spacestation Gaming and DarkZero Esports, which is definitely going to be an uphill challenge.


Davide “FoxA” Bucci had a horrible start against Tempo Storm last week. In his match versus Disrupt Gaming, however, things looked much better for him. On Theme Park, the two teams pulled equal in the first half, which was a bad performance for Disrupt. On the defense, they should have secured more rounds, being in the clear advantage. Oxygen later used this advantage to its fullest extent, securing a 7-4 victory.

On Villa, Disrupt Gaming struck back. There, Oxygen held a rather weak defense, giving away crucial rounds early on. On their own defensive half, Disrupt then carried themselves over the finishing line on a narrow 7-5 scoreline. But on Kafè, they had run out of steam. With a 5-1 half, Oxygen had enough of a lead to scrape the remaining rounds together for a 7-3 victory. Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez earned himself a 1.17 rating with 29 kills, but the real star of the match was on the side of Disrupt Gaming. Without Alexander “Retro” Lloyd, they would never have managed to remain in this match for so long.

Unfortunately, they’ll now have to continue in the Losers’ Bracket for Phase 2. Oxygen are given another chance, but with Tempo Storm and Team SoloMid they will surely not have an easy time. On Thursday, 00:00 CEST, NAL Stage 2 continues with the Winners’ Matches between SSG and DarkZero, TSM and Tempo Storm.