Fabio | 23. March 2021

R6 EUL: The Winners of the First Two Match Days

Over the last few days, all Rainbow Six European League teams have completed two matches each and have given us a glimpse at what they will be able to offer throughout the season. So which teams did actually set themselves on top of the rest in the first week of EUL?

No single EUL team will end up without points. This means that the playing field is already ahead of the Season 1 participants. Back then, Rogue went home after Stage 2 with nine direct losses to their name. But now, even the bottom teams have at least recorded one overtime loss and received a point.


Team Empire got into the 2021 season badly. On the first day they already had to suffer an overtime defeat to, after which they were soundly defeated by BDS on a 3-7 scoreline and are now in last place. But, judging from past performances, BDS and are among the best this league has to offer. So even though this will surely have hurt the overall mood of the Empire roster, they have at least gotten a heavy load off their chests already.

Vitality have managed the same feat. With a 5-7 loss to BDS, they were not only closer to victory than Empire, they almost made it to overtime as well. Later, they entered overtime against Rogue, but suffered a reverse-sweep at the hands of the German team. This means that Leon “LeonGids” Giddens and his colleagues have added two points to their tally already. Team Secret, Cowana Gaming, TrainHard Esports, and G2 Esports are right in the middle of the pack with one victory and one loss each after two days.

So far, BDS Esport and Natus Vincere are the frontrunners of the Rainbow Six European League. They managed to kick their Stage 1 campaigns off with two victories each. BDS were expected to do this after they had already displayed such prowess throughout 2020. Natus Vincere, however, had to undergo severe roster changes and nobody knew how well their lineup could perform. The last two days might have given us a first glimpse into their potential though.


Last year, Ben “CTZN” McMillan failed to deliver on his incredible potential on the G2 roster. Now, after just two match days, he already holds a 1.64 rating and delivers an average of 1.35 kills per round. NaVi’s Jack “Doki” Robertson is putting up a similarly strong display, even though he has survived in siginificantly fewer rounds than his British rival.

Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz, who once used to be the powerhouse of Rogue, has been in a performance slump since Stage 2. The new EUL season hasn’t changed anything about that, unfortunately, and he is still only putting up a weak 0.77 rating. This is bad news for his team, as Rogue are severely lacking in the fragging department right now.


Rogue are facing next. The German team will surely not be able to survive against VP. Empire and Vitality have to decide among themselves who gets to leave the bottom of the leaderboard. BDS will meet their old Tempra rivals in the form of TrainHard, and Jordan “Kayak” Morley’s G2 will meet his former roster, Cowana Gaming. Team Secret and Natus Vincere will conclude the day with yet another exciting game.