Fabio | 20. July 2021

R6 EUL: G2, BDS & Empire Secure Major Slots!

On the second-to-last match-day, lots of teams had the chance to dethrone the reigning Top 3. Those teams have instead solidified their leads and made it impossible for anyone to catch up with them!

G2 Esports and Team Empire each have a whopping 19 points to their name. At the start of Stage 2, they actually underperformed and placed behind the likes of BDS and Natus Vincere. But the new G2 duo is working out fine! They have left their initial issues behind and, ever since the third day of matches, they have won all their encounters.

Empire kicked off their Stage 2 experience with losses as well. An 0-7 finish on the first day made them heavy underdogs in the eyes of the fans, but over the course of weeks, they have managed to stabilize and work their way up. Passing even BDS and Natus Vincere on the way there is quite an achievement.


The amount of contenders has shrunk considerably in comparison to last week. Even though NaVi are going up against BDS and get the opportunity to tie with them in terms of points, this really is the worst case scenario for BDS. There’s no way for them to descend any further, which means they are safely tucked into the Top 4. However, if NaVi fail to win, Vitality can win enough points versus Secret to overtake them. This would of course be a massive disappointment for the British team. After they had spent the majority of Stage 2 within the Top 4 or even on the winning podium, they surely expect to qualify for the upcoming Major in Mexico.

So the Top 3 is set. G2 Esports and Empire are at the top. Their encounter on the last match-day will decide on the first place of the league. BDS are also qualified for the Major, but NaVi and Vitality are still fighting for that last slot. The teams have now got six days to prepare and bring their absolute best performances to the server for one last match.