Fabio | 6. October 2020

R6 EUL: Chaos Achieve Upset Victory Over VP

The EUL teams have definitely delivered some unexpected results yesterday. Secret lost their first match, BDS could only achieve a 6-6 tie. The other competitors are now slowly closing the gap to the top teams.


Peter “pacbull” Bull and his men really took a beating at the hands of Chaos. After securing three triumphant victories, they have now been upset by Natus Vincere, who wound up more than doubling their EUL Stage 2 score. Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz played like a madman, as usual, but this was the only ray of hope for Secret.

NaVi started on the defense of Oregon and secured a 4-2 first half. This wasn’t too bad for Secret – after all, the map is known to favor the defenders. But NaVi suddenly won the attacking round on Dorms/Kids, which put them just one point away from a safe draw. Secret didn’t want to give up just yet and posted a great follow-up round. But then, they made a massive blunder, giving away a 4-2 man advantage, which Natus Vincere converted into their sixth point. Afterwards, Secret were simply broken and lost the map on a 4-7 scoreline. Joe “Joe” Crowther was the star of the match, as his 14 kills helped him towards a 1.60 rating.


The German team can’t get anything done without Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz. They went into the match versus G2 yesterday and only won one single round. After that, Ben “CTZN” McMillan wiped them off the server. He earned himself a 2.06 rating and took so many kills that Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen left the game empty-handed. Only four days remain for Rogue to get their act together and win some points in EUL Stage 2. If they fail, they’ll end up in last place – a shameful result for the winners of Stage 1.

For G2, this is a great sign. Their defeat to Empire was a huge push-back in their efforts to get to the Major, but with their victory over Rogue, they’re getting closer to the Top 4 once more. They’re tied for points with Chaos and Empire, so they’ll need to win more matches in order to safely make it to the November Major.


In this encounter, BDS clearly should have had the upper hand. Similarly to Secret, they had dominated their matches in EUL thus far and were in top form. Still, the two teams pulled equal, not just in the match, but also in both halves. Judging from the stats, one might be tempted to consider this a BDS domination, as Olivier “Renshiro” Vandroux and Stephane “Shaiiko” Lebleu got 1.50 and 1.35 ratings, respectively. On the Vitality side, Lucas “Hungry” Reich only secured a 1.19 rating – so individually, BDS did actually dominate the match. But kills don’t necessarily win rounds, which the Frenchmen had to learn the hard way during this game.


After Chaos had taken their first ever EUL win over Rogue last week, they have now doubled their victories at the expense of The German team was unable to perform at all, so Chaos’ victory back then hadn’t been a huge surprise. But should have had this match on lockdown, instead Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson shocked them with a fanstastic upset. He earned himself a 1.66 rating and brought his team closer to Major territory. During the first half, Chaos got a 4-2 lead. Their Consulate offense was particularly strong and they certainly did their homework prior to this match, walking away on a comfortable 7-2 scoreline.

EUL will soon continue on. We can expect some great R6 action as G2 Esports and are slated to face off. G2 will really have to be in top form to take this one home. Most importantly, though, we’ll be able to see BDS and Secret clash. The two highest-placed teams in the league will finally have to decide on who gets to have the upper hand in the standings.