Fabio | 20. April 2021

R6 EUL: BDS & NaVi Extend Their Lead

The distance between the frontrunners and the rest of EUL is growing. BDS Esport and Natus Vincere have decisively won their duels, which puts Cowana Gaming and G2 Esports in a tough spot if they still want to catch up.

TrainHard managed to at last secure an overtime loss to Empire. This may not sound like much, but for the league’s bottom-placing team, every single point is a step forward. continue their meager performance, recording another overtime loss to Cowana Gaming.

BDS got a full three points for the efforts. The team was able to mount a 7-4 scoreline over G2 Esports. This pushes Ben “CTZN” McMillan and his men further away from the top spots, whereas the Frenchmen are now the highest-placing team of EUL. NaVi managed to top this with a 7-1 finish over Rogue. Secret concluded the day by upsetting Vitality.


Point-wise, there is a whole match victory separating Cowana Gaming and the second place – no overtime, as they would only be able to get these three points with a regulation win. Natus Vincere are still uncomfortably close to the BDS players, but if the Frenchmen continue their winning streak, there’s no way to catch up with them anymore. So far, BDS have only had to suffer one overtime defeat and won all of the other matches in regulation. After a somewhat disappointing finish to the 2020 season, they seem to be back at the top of EUL.

Rogue and G2 Esports are in joint fourth place. Since CTZN and his men haven’t yet had to face Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz’s troops, they can’t be broken apart via the head-to-head record. On the next match-day, though, they’ll finally meet and we will be able to see whether G2 Esports can (as always) reach the Top 4. Rogue seem to be back, however, having left their ridiculously poor Stage 2 performance behind.

For the lower-placing teams, there is no real way to still catch up. Vitality and might still have a shot at surpassing Rogue and G2, but Secret, Empire, and TrainHard are much too far away. These teams will have to divide the last places up among each other. None of the players will be happy with their teams’ achievements in EUL Stage 1.