| 7. September 2020

Quincy Crew Is The Champion of OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division

Quincy Crew proved itself once again. For many, it wasn’t even a surprise, given that this Grand Final was their 10th in 2020 and this trophy that they won at OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division was their 7th. In a way, Quincy Crew is doing in the Americas what Team Secret is doing in Europe and CIS. However, the competitive level is much lower here. Secret is fighting dragons while Quincy Crew is fighting dragonflies.

Group Stage Performance

Quincy Crew had a tough group, with rivals such as 4 Zoomers and Business Associates. But their performance was flawless: 4 wins – 0 losses. In fact, they only lost one game in total, even though every match was Bo3. And their 2 – 0 victory against 4 Zoomers was a preview of what the Grand Final was going to be like.

In the other group, Thunder Predator, beastcoast, and Infamous finished with a score of 3 W – 1 L. This was a sign that Quincy Crew would encounter some level of competition in the Playoffs Stage and that it had to make serious preparations. And that’s exactly what they did. Luckily for them, OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division took several weeks in total, so there was plenty of time to prepare. And when the preparation time is optimal, the best team usually comes up with the best strategy and wins.


Quincy Crew’s first match in the Playoffs of OMEGA League Americas: Divine Division took place against beastcoast. The match started poorly for Quinn’s team, as beastcoast picked a lethal combination: Chaos Knight + Silencer + Mirana + Phoenix + Earth Shaker. This lineup guaranteed some phenomenal team fights aided by the surprise factor provided by Mirana’s ultimate. Needless to say, in spite of QC’s best efforts, the game was a complete massacre. But the team bounced back in the next two games and stuck to their Treant-based strategy. The final score was 2 – 1.

The second Playoffs match provided another big challenge, this time against 4 Zoomers. Quincy Crew changed its drafting style completely for this match and went with a Clockwerk + Phoenix duo in the first two games. They won the first but lost the second. Luckily for them, a Drow + Gyrocopter strat worked well in the 3rd and final game and as a result, they qualified for the Grand Final.

Their opponent, 4 Zoomers, had to survive a difficult opponent in the Lower Bracket: Thunder Predator. Everyone expected TP to win, but 4 Zoomers proved to be just a bit stronger. Their drafts were fascinating: Undying, Nature’s Prophet, and Ancient Apparition were each picked twice in different combinations. The final score was 2 – 1.

In the Grand Final, Quincy Crew showed a lot of novel strategies and drafts and managed to win all 3 games with relative ease. As a result of winning this tournament, they have now cemented their reputation in the Americas and are no doubt the strongest team in the region in the absence of Evil Geniuses.