| 5. December 2021

Pro CS:GO Tips on How to Play Mirage

Welcome to Mirage! Known by its filename “de_mirage”, Mirage is one of the most played CS:GO maps at this time. The map was added to the game on June 6, 2013, because of the popularity it had as a community map the years before. It looks like a Middle Eastern town, but because of the Moroccan style architecture, it is likely based on a Moroccan town. In the following article, I am going to teach you the basics of the whole map.

Callouts on Mirage

Mirage is a map with a lot of callouts and little spots to hide in. To have the best team communication, you will need to learn the names of most spots.

A-Site and Mid

Starting from the Counter-Terrorist side, we have a lot of things to learn. In the CT spawn, there are 2 ways you can go, the left side that goes to the Mid and B site, and the right side that goes to A site only. If you are going to Mid, you can retreat through the little passage to CT, or go to A site through Jungle.

The jungle is the part that connects the A site to Sniper’s Nest, the Window on Mid that you can camp. The A site has a lot of callouts, like Ticket Booth, the box that you can see on the right side when going to A site from CT or Trash, on the left side which is basically a Trash bin.

The most important spots you will totally need to know are the Palace, the building that basically looks like a palace, Ramp, which is the ramp on the left of the palace, Stairs, and Connector which are close to the jungle. The connector is the part that links A site to Middle through a passage.

The Middle also has some important spots like Catwalk, also named Short, which is the passage that links the middle to B site, and Underpass which does the same thing, but through apartments.


Let’s start from the Terrorist side. If you want to push B, you have two options, through Mid or Apartments. If you’re going to push through mid, you could choose between Catwalk or Underpass. If you decide you want to push through apartments, you can follow the path until you reach the bombsite. The B side has 3 main parts you and your teammates will need to camp. The apartments, short and Market. The market is the part from CT that leads to bombsite B.

Being a CT-sided map, the Counter-Terrorists have an insane advantage. If you have the luck of landing on the Counter-Terrorist side, try to play as well as possible, so you take most of the rounds. If you are assigned to the Terrorist side, try to push as fast as possible with your team.

Smokes and One-Ways

Mirage always has been the map for smoke grenades. YouTube is full of any possible smoke you could want for every position. For example, the AWP is one way on mid, where you can get an insane advantage over the enemies.


Photo credit: IEM|Steffie-Wunderl