| 7. December 2021

Overwatch Fan Finds a Way To Double D.Va’s Melee Damage

Although Overwatch has been around for quite a long time, fans and players haven’t stopped developing new schemes and strategies to make famous heroes like D.Va more powerful. If there’s one trait that is almost peculiar to Overwatch fans, it is their creativity and hero manipulation.

They have over the years become experts at studying overwatch heroes inside out, and mastering how to make the best out of each hero’s skills. From discovering the most potent combo with Doomfist to exploring the appropriate distance to strike someone using a Reinhardt pin, Overwatch players keep getting craftier by the day.

Player finds a way to double D.Va’s melee damage

This time around, an Overwatch player has shown off a D.Va move that many other players didn’t know could be possible. Considering how popular D.Va is, in terms of rate picks, she is one of the heroes who many players would go an extra length to learn new strategies of maximizing her use.

As an ff tank, D.Va needs to be as brutal at dealing damage as she should be at taking damage. However, increasing her damage dealing potential could make her more lethal than she ordinarily is. Although this damage booster may not result in more kills, it would definitely help players weaken their enemies quicker, and swing the game to their favor.

The strategy was made public by a YouTuber, McMagicMary. The trick allows players to perform two melee attacks simultaneously. This trick relies on D.Va’s self-destruct ultimate. Just as the play is about to set off the explosion, you launch a melee strike. Before the countdown animation begins, the arm of D.Va’s mech will strike the opponent, and before she gets ejected, she can still hit the melee one more time, and also deal some more punch with her gun’s butt.

How useful is this strategy?

This rapid move yields twice the effect, that is 60 damage (instead of 30), and still gives D.Va some time to escape. This additional damage may not be very effective when putting up against a huge Tank like Reinhardt. Nevertheless, it will count against a competitor that isn’t that strong, such as Zenyatta.

This strategy becomes more deadly when D.Va is boosted. An excellent time to pull it off is when Ana’s nanoboost is diminishing, or when Orisa’s supercharger is coupled to the mech-wearing Tank. Mercy’s damage boost also comes handy here, and could give the double melee an added impact. The best way to use this D.Va’s strategy is by applying it when you want to finish up weak opponents or soften an opponent up for your teammate.

However, a major disadvantage is that to use this strategy, you have to drop your D.Va mech in front of your enemies. Another way out would be to find ways of using the self-destruct in a less obvious way. However, if you’re in a situation where opponents can easily block D.Va ultimate, this trick would be the best way to attack your enemies without them seeing it coming. In line with the proposed 5v5 squad formation, it would be quite intriguing to see D.Va changing from an off-tank to a main tank. We hope to get the scoop on what would be changed about her in the nearest future.