| 27. November 2021

Overwatch 2 – How will the new Mercy Affect the Game?

As we reported earlier, Overwatch 2 may be changing Mercy’s most symbolic ability with a different thing altogether. The change could be positive or negative in the long run. If you’ve been following Overwatch 2 news closely, you must have learnt about the forthcoming changes being made to many of the heroes. With the transition to 5v5, Blizzard will be changing Overwatch’s roster of Tank heroes, and the support heroes will also suffer a reduction in their healing abilities.

Crucial changes for Mei, Winston, Bastion, and Sombra have been revealed to the public. Although many of these modifications have been disclosed publicly, the rest have been on the level of speculation. One of such rumors that circulated recently among Overwatch fans, is that there’ll be some modification to Mercy’s abilities. If there’s any truth to this speculation, then it will be fascinating to see how the public takes this adjustment, as this may just be the turning point for many enthusiastic fans.

Why Mercy’s Angelic Blessing is Substantial

One of the reasons why Mercy has remained popular is how indomitable she was built to be. Earlier on when Overwatch was first made available to the public, everyone wanted to have Mercy in their squad. This was because she could resurrect an entire team and help them restart the fight with a fresh strength.

This ability was an easy cheat code for teams to swing the battle in their favor, so Blizzard had to balance the game a bit by modifying her in a way that she could only revive one player at a time within a 30 seconds interval. Although Mercy is still a dependable character, and a good start up point for new participants, others still have fond memories of the days when she was more powerful than she is right now.

A few years ago, some Overwatch fans were worried about the withdrawal of Mercy’s ability to revive a full team. They will be startled to find out that her resuscitation ability may completely be withdrawn in Overwatch 2. Probably, the staff-wielding healer will be changing her present resurrection power for a new skill called “Angelic Blessing.” If this rumor turns out to be true, it will be a significant change for Mercy users who have mastered the timing and position for crucial resuscitation.

Apparently, Angelic Blessing will allow Mercy players to be able to share a soul to their allies. The shared soul can then be used by the selected player to maneuver back to a teammate. This feature will allow heroes like Genji that cross enemy borders to move swiftly back to safety. More so, it can be employed to exfil a Reinhardt following a high-risk attack. Interestingly, the swift move feature disappears if not triggered in six seconds. So, the players have only a short period to activate the soul Mercy.

Although some players have criticized the prospective skill to be less effective than a resuscitation, it may turn out to have a more powerful effect than resurrection. For all we know, since there’s no mention of casting animation on mercy, it may be that this hero would turn out to be hard to oppose. It is also not clear if players can shoot down those rushing back to safter.

It will take some time to get used to the new ability

Conversely, it may take some time, practice and organization for players to get used to this new ability. They would need to learn how to quickly alert mercy to shoot them a soul, especially as the angelic blessing is time sensitive. The players who can master this skill perfectly will have a fun time at the battlefield, but in the hands of those who do not have this expertise, the hero could be completely useless.

Overwatch fans and players are currently torn between accepting this soul mechanic feature or rejecting it. Some believe that it would be overpowered while others think that it would be useless. In all however, a large majority of fans would rather keep the resurrection power than experiment with the angelic blessing.

Presently, we do not know for sure how this new ability will play off, but we do know that it would cause some significant changes to the gameplay. With the Angelic Blessing, Mercy will either be drawn closer to the meta or be pulled far away from it. The strength of her new ability is based on whether it can be resisted easily. This whole new ability will be a gamechanger, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out.