Jamie | 20. January 2021

Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan & TheGrefg Team Up for Fortnite Stream

Leading personalities Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan and TheGrefg have recently teamed up for what was an historic Fortnite Icon stream. The quartet comes with a total of 57 subscribers on YouTube, as well as a huge following on Twitch and social media platforms. As such, it comes as no surprise that their recent stream was big news for fans of the Epic Games Battle Royale title.

How the Star-Studded Stream Unfolded

Fans had long expressed their desire to play as their favourite Esports personalities, with Ninja having been the first to feature in the Fortnite Icon Series. Loserfruit followed in June 2020, accompanied by Lachlan and Grefg in November 2020 and January this year, respectively.

Ninja and Grefg were the first to join the lobby, with the former having asked the latter “it was your free day right?”, a question that was in reference to the fact that the 29-year-old had not planned to stream on January 17. However the American quickly responded by saying “Correct, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity”.

Meanwhile, Lachlan and Loserfruit joined the proceedings from Australia, with all four players competing wearing their own Icon Series skin. In doing so, it was the first time in which the foursome had ever been in the same lobby. Speaking on just how momentous an occasion it was, Ninja stated: “Alright guys, this is an ‘iconic’ moment. Everyone has their own skin”, which was followed up by “that’s crazy to think about” from Lachlan.

Can We Expect More Streams Like This?

It should also come as no surprise that the quartet came together to register a comprehensive victory, having shown just why they are so highly regarded within the Esports scene. However, it could well be some time before we see a repeat performance, especially given the different time zones involved.

With additional Icon Series skins expected shortly, it could well be that we see more of such collabirations. However, for now, fans will have to enjoy the recent move from Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan and TheGrefg.