Jamie | 29. September 2020

Ninja Explains Return to Fortnite Following Extended Absence

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4 has seen Ninja return to the battle royale game, with the American having turned to Valorant some months ago due to his lack of enjoyment surrounding the Epic Games game. Ninja even went as far as saying that Fortnite had become “super boring”.

Why Ninja Has Made a Return to Fortnite

However, Ninja, who has 15.8 million Twitch followers to his name, has now made his return, having the following to say on making such a decision: “I’m just starting to play Fortnite again. I haven’t played in months. Honestly, the game wasn’t fun to me. It was super stale and super boring. I mean, I honestly don’t have anything good to say about Fortnite in the last two seasons.”

Ninja remains one of the most-watched Fortnite content creators around, with a recommendation from friend and fellow Esports personality “SypherPK” having helped him in returning. “No cap, SypherPK, a friend of mine texted me and was like ‘yo man, do you want to play some Fortnite, just duos and try it out’, I was like, yeah sure.”

The American is clearly enjoying playing Fortnite once again, with Ninja stating that: “I’m having a blast again. It feels good again, it feels fun. I’m playing Fortnite solos. When was the last time you saw me playing Fortnite solos.”

Is Ninja’s Long Term Future Within Fortnite?

Ninja previously made rewards about his lack of enjoyment towards the game, however it was perhaps the unvaulting of the Pump Shotgun in Season 4 that has helped him in rediscovering his passion. “It’s the Pump Shotgun. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s literally the Pump Shotgun being added back. I can’t believe they removed it. Who knows, maybe they removed it so when they added it back, everyone was in love with it, you know what I mean.” He said.

Ninja has never been shy of letting his feelings surrounding Fortnite be known, having previously said that the game’s competitive environment was unfair, due to the fact that professionals have to compete against “run of the mill” opponents on the ladder. Season 4 is now coming to an end, meaning that it remains to be seen as to whether Ninja will react to new updates positively.